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Best way to Pack Your Travel Luggage

Aura S
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When you must leave, somewhere, far away from home, packing your bags might become a problem. You know how you always say that you will take only the necessary things and that this will not be too much. By the end of the day, you have two or even three huge bags filled will all the things you cannot stay away from, not even for a few days.

When you have kids, things could become even more fun. How could you ease this task and how could you pack your things properly so they will not take too much of your bags space? In the following rows of this article, I will try to give you some tips that might prove themselves helpful. If you are interested, then you should continue your reading.

A proper list

Before starting pulling things from your wardrobe, you should make a list. You need to know exactly what you must take with you so you will not improvise and fill your luggage with stuff that you will never wear or use. Consider the number of days you will be away and consider everything that you will need each day, starting from clothing items and ending with your personal stuff, such as lotions, soaps, shampoos or no matter what else.

Crumpled clothes

This could be an issue. You know how you put your clothes inside your bag, perfectly folded and in the end when you get them out they need to be ironed again. This is something all of us have been through at least once in our lives. How could you solve this issue? I heard a great idea. You should roll them instead of folding them. Rolling your clothes will offer you much more space and they might not need to be ironed again.

If you also place them in vacuum compression bags things could become even easier than they ordinary are. When these types of bags first emerged on the market, I was personally incredibly happy. I reorganized my closets and I enjoyed the free space inside of them that I never had before. You could use them when you are packing your bags and the effect will be the same. More space to fit everything in.

Empty spaces

You should not have empty spaces in your suitcase. Your luggage is like a pizza box. When you turn it over all your clothes inside will fall one on another and your genuine arrangement will be ruined. You do not want your socks to be filled with aftershave or shower gels, or you certainly do not wish your perfect folded clothes to be crumpled and messy. When you pack a bag, you should fill each empty spot with something from your list. This way everything will stay right in the place you putted from the first place during the entire trip, no matter how many times your bag will be turned over.

Think about the smell

You know when you keep your clothes for long periods of time inside your closet they capture a certain unpleasant smell. The same thing happens inside your bags especially if you must face a long trip. If you take care of your closet and you put inside of it scented items so your clothes will preserve their freshness, the same thing you should do with your bags.

Ziplock bags

I mentioned earlier that if you do not fill the entire space of your luggage, certain accidents might happen during the trip. One of them was that your lotion bottles might open and ruin your clothes. You could solve this situation if you use ziplock bags. There are these bags provided with a zipper that keeps the things inside hermetically closed. These things are great for bottles, electronics, makeup products, jewelry, food or many other things that you do not want to lose or ruin.

Keep your values safe

You might think that it is a strange idea but it is a very effective one. If you carry along with more values such as money, jewelry or something else that has a certain value for you, and you are afraid of not getting robbed, you should try the following trick. You should place all these things in used bottles of lotions or creams. These bottles should not be transparent, otherwise the safety part is compromised. This way no one will guess where you putted your values or they might think that you do not even carry such things with you.

Luggage fees

Most all the airline companies charge you with extra fees according your luggage weight. To be able to avoid that or to, at least, know exactly what you should expect, you must weigh your luggage. This way you can allocate a proper budget for these extra fees.

Do not be too obvious

I have seen many people who love the idea of buying expensive suitcases so they could impress other people. This will not help you at all. You will only draw the attention on you and thieves are the first who will notice you. No matter if you carry valuables with you or not you should not become too obvious in crowded places. It is like sending an invitation and you do not want that. You do not need to impress anyone. Besides that, you do not want your luggage to weigh too much. In this case, a lightweight luggage is the key to your problems.

Hand luggage

If the big luggage must be placed in the plane cage, you know that you are allowed with a handbag inside the plane. If you read the most recent statistics, you will see how many times bags are lost in the airports. Usually they are returned to the owner as soon as possible, but it might take some time. To be able to have something to wear or to not lose your valuables, you should keep those in your handbag. This way they will be safe and you might have something else to wear at least for a day or two.


I hope that all the tips given above will be of a real help for you and that you will find this activity less exhausting than it usually is. You should also keep in mind all the safety advices that I have mentioned earlier as well.

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Best way to Pack Your Travel Luggage
When you must leave, somewhere, far away from home, packing your bags might become a problem. You know how you always say that you will take only the necessary things and that this will not be too much. By the end of the day, you have two or even three huge bags filled will all the things you cannot stay away from, not even for a few days.
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