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Best Ways to Improve Your Memory

Aura S
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Our memory is maybe the most precious thing we have. We want to preserve it as much as possible no matter if there are good or bad memories. I am one of those persons who believe that even the bad things from our lives happen for a reason and we should not forget them either.

We like to preserve our brain’ ability to store those memories as long as possible if not forever. In the following rows of this article, we will discuss about how we can preserve this ability longer periods of time. There might be external factors that might cause memory loss episodes. It must something to help us fight against them. Not only memory loss is our priority, but also improving our ability to memorize things is just as important especially when you are a student.

Why is so important to have memories

You might have seen on TV or maybe in your real life, people who suffered of complete memory loss. How those people feel? They feel completely lost. They do not know what happens with them and who they are. We need our past as much as we need our present or future.

Many people in such situations fall in depression, become aggressive with their families or friends because they are afraid. It is the most unpleasant feeling a human can have. We build our personalities on our memories. Our past is what makes us be what we are today. You know how upsetting might be when you do not remember where you have put your car keys. Imagine if you cannot remember your name how upsetting this can be.

What can cause that and what can you do

There are certain factors that can cause such problems. The genetic factors have many things to say. If you have in your family’ history, members who had had illnesses such as Alzheimer or Dementia, the chance to inherit them is present.

What about the inability to memorize things, when you are not ill of anything? This happens because you do not put your brain at work almost at all. Humans’ brain is able to adapt at any situation. If you are a person who likes to study and read allot, then your brain is working. If you rarely do that it is practically impossible for it to help you memorize things about which you had never read before. If you sleep all day long and you do not gather any type of knowledge, your brain will do the same as you.

Below I will develop a bit what I am about to tell you know. You brain needs to be fed just as any other part of your body. You must offer it the proper food, the needed oxygen amount and you must allow it to rest properly. All these things can be done by nutrition, physical exercises, preferably outdoors, relaxation and rest.


Because nutrition was mentioned, first you must choose a proper diet. Do not look at these diets as a way to lose weight. These types of diets must not be followed only for a few weeks or months. They must become your life style. There is wide variety of brain stimulating diets that can be found all over the internet. You must to make some research and gather enough information to be able to choose the one that fits your needs and also matches with your wishes.

Some of these diets that gained a huge popularity in the last years are the Mediterranean diet o the Ketogenic diet. While the first one mentioned is known as the healthiest type of diet due to the wide consumption of veggies, fruits and healthy fats, the second one is based mostly in fats and proteins. The carbs consumption is out of the question. If you are not a fan of fruits and vegetables, the second one might be more suitable for you.

Now, let’s be more specific and enumerate a few of the best aliments that can stimulate your brain and that can improve your ability to memorize things. Things like walnuts, avocado, caffeine, chocolate, cinnamon, blueberries, peppermint, spinach, eggs and avocado can be great brain’ stimulators. It keeps it awake and like that, you will have the possibility to focus better during the day.


Food is not the only thing that you should focus on. Besides changing your nutrition, you should make other changes as well. Even if they might seem a bit drastic, in time, and I mean in very short time, you will thank to the one who gave you this advice. You might have heard that an active person has more chances to prolong his/her life with several years than the ones who live a sedentary life. This is more than true.

Beside improving our memory, the physical activity is able to spare us from other illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, hormonal disorders, heart issues and maybe other things as well. By making intense movements we give to our brains the needed quantity of oxygen. This way it will function better and our ability to memory things will be increased. Therefore, it will not enough to stay long hours surrounded by books and notebooks. We must offer to our brain a break from time. A walk in the park, or a small jog session will be perfect for us to put in order all the knowledge we gathered till then.

This is what I want to underline here. You do not have to stress your body too much. You do not have to go to a gym and lift weights until your brain explodes or your muscles. You can practice sports that make you feel relaxed and good about yourself.

If you walk or run on some park’ alley, it will be perfect. If you cannot go outdoors, you can practice a bit of yoga with your windows opened. Also you should practice such activities as much as possible. If you do it just once per month, it will not help you too much. At least two times per week it will be better for you and for your brain.


As I said earlier, if you do not offer your body and brain a proper rest session you will not be able to function at your highest capacity level. You must have noticed that after a restless night you are not able to concentrate at almost anything. If you plan to improve your brain ability to memorize things or you want to stay focused and preserve your old memories as much as possible, this thing should not happen anymore.

There are certain techniques that will help you improve the quality of your sleep. A better nutrition along with the physical activities mentioned in the previous paragraphs, are able to help you achieve this task of sleeping better. Another way to remove from your brain the stress accumulated during the day will be a meditation session. You must have heard about this type of relaxation. You can believe my word that it can really do wonders for you. Once you will achieve your goal of sleeping better, you will notice the differences quite fast. You will be able to focus better and your work will be much more appreciated.

Workout your brain

I already said that if you do not work out your brain, it will become as lazy as you are. you can do this by reading a lot and learning a lot but these are not the only ways. Thanks to the technology’ development, these days we have quite handy many apps and memory games that are meant to exercise our memory ability to function. Also if you try to solve crosswords, or write poetry for which you must make lots of rhymes, your memory will stay where it should be.

I have a personal situation in my family. When a relative of mine had a stroke, she couldn’t’ remember our names, how to read or write. For about a year, she practiced and worked out her brain by solving crosswords, typing, reading first grade books and she started knitting. The results were amazing. In just one year, nobody could believe that she had a severe stroke. Her memory came back to her and she returned to her job as a medical nurse. She was highly appreciated and her services were requested by many doctors.

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Best Ways to Improve Your Memory
Our memory is maybe the most precious thing we have. We want to preserve it as much as possible no matter if there are good or bad memories. I am one of those persons who believe that even the bad things from our lives happen for a reason and we should not forget them either.
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