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Best Weight Loss Methods in 2017

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Best Weight Loss Methods in 2017

Tips for losing weight

We are clearly living in a highly technologized era where people have become more and more sedentary and worryingly unhealthy. And, as the future unfolds, there are two possible scenarios for our world: the first one would borrow the atmosphere from movies such as Wall-E, where our planet was left deserted and the universe would get to be populated with obese people; and the second one would clearly leave us dead or terribly misshapen like in a distorted Picasso picture, because, we have to admit (better now than ever) that our resources will eventually cease. Maintaining healthy is a major problem for people nowadays, as there are many temptations (fast-food being only one of them) that we must refrain from.

There are many methods through which we can reduce weight. Some of these methods are well-known and are being repeated to us every time we seek the advice of a nutritionist or every time we speak to a friend. Every person has its own advice that thinks it’s the best, but the truth is each body reacts differently and its own special way. If you need to try 10 diets until you find the right one, then you better start trying. You can never achieve something in life if you don’t work hard in every aspect. It is so easy to break someone’s trust and to fail in school or at work and the same goes with your eating habits.

Weight becomes a problem when you exceed a limit and you cannot stop eating compulsively. As a consequence, I will leave you below a couple of advice that you will have to bear in mind in order to lose weight, if you really want to eat fruits. Fruits contain lots of sugar and they will provide you with enough energy for the entire day. Compared to chocolate, which also contains sugar, fruits are differently assimilated in our body and will thus enable us to maintain a normal weight. You do not have to eat 20 fruits per day. They say that only an apple per day will be enable you to keep the doctor away.

So if you want to have a healthy life and lose some weight, eat lots and lots of fruits, but moderately. We are now in 2017 and perhaps you may have heard from different people that eating has become one of the main issues of our population, at a global scale.

We need something different and let’s have a scenario: pretend that tomorrow morning there will be a war or a famine will spread around the globe and food will disappear completely. What would you do? At first, you would probably get desperate, but afterwards, you will have to calm down and begin thinking. We have to stop wasting our food resources. This brings us to another problem: birth-population control. The more people are on Earth, the more we multiply, the worse would be for our future children. Why? Because we are already 8 billion people and that is a lot.

Moreover, it is predicted that we will get at 11 billion by the year 2025. Now imagine our Earth as a room. When you are alone in a room, you automatically feel alone. But when another person enters the room, things get more interesting and exciting. You no longer feel lonely, because you have a companion. But when there starts to be come inside more than three-four-five people, you suddenly get nervous and feel like you are suffocating.

You no longer care for each other; you do not like it, because people interfere with you more often than you wanted to and that begins to irritate you seriously. This story resembles our Earth. The room is our Earth and we are the people inside it. Health presumes also quietness, tranquility and peace. So, being healthy means restoring to your natural needs. And fruits are a significant part of it.

Do you know how much food an American consumes per day? Let me enlighten you: three to four pounds a day, which is huge. Fruits are an important source of healthiness, because they will make you more active and agile and more healthy.

We are human and all that is human is not strange to us. Fruits are close to nature, are natural. We have to choose what is close to our nature. Moreover, fruits contain carbohydrates and will always be good for your health.

Do Lots of Physical Exercises

Exercising means putting your muscles in shape and also defining your skeletal structure, it means giving you shape and color’ in a figurative manner, it means bringing you back to life from the darkness that you used to spend your life in. Sport is and will always be good for your health. Do exercises at home or whenever you want or feel like. Exercise mostly in the morning, because that is the best time to do it because this is the moment when your body is more agile and prepared to take on physical effort.

Physical exercises should be a regular part or our daily schedule, because we are made of flesh and bone, and no animal (because we humans are a certain kind of animals, because we share the same needs as any other living creature) was ever thought or imagined to just sit for 24 on a chair and write or stare into the PC’s screen. We have to change our life-style or we would suffer the consequences. And the consequences are not nice. Here is a schedule to have and to use when you will take into consideration doing physical exercises:

  • Purchase a fitness machine
  • Exercise at it every day, twice a day (in the morning and evening)
  • If you cannot afford buying one, get outside and pick up a sport (baseball, aerobics, handball, etc)
  • Practice it thrice a week

Result: if you will lower the amount of sodas per week and you will combine it with a sport, you will see significant improvements in your weight for sure. Because this is, after all, the most important part, and also the hardest: cutting back on sugars and starches (carbs).

Eat Only When you are Hungry

Most of us believe that it is always good to eat something extra in order to be sure your stomach is fully prepared to get you through another day. But it is not at all quite the way we see it. Did you know that our body can resist without food for 8 full weeks? We are constantly underestimating ourselves and our capacity for endurance and survival. We are much tougher than we think. We may be fragile from other points of view, but we are still tough. Let’s face it: eating has been practiced by all living organisms ever since the beginning of Earth. But in the Stone Age, people had to give something to take something.

They worked to get their prey (more precisely, they were hunting animals, which equaled food) and they gave up their energy and time to do it. Their life revolved around it. It is said that once you have everything you need, it will not even occur to you that food is a form of natural necessity, and even less a form of true art. People nowadays (for example, chefs) have transformed food into art. What was a strong need or necessity 1000 years ago, now it has become true art. So our perspective changed, our way of seeing it profoundly changed.

So where are we today? We are in the position where art became for to the creator. We eat for the sake of eating and we barely realize the crime that we are making by brutally exploiting our planet Earth. So, my advice is this: eat only when you need to. Do not overstep the limit, because consequences will always await you after the corner. So this is all for my third advice.

Avoid consuming sugar and implicitly sodas

The bad political trait at the fast-food restaurants is that you always have to order a soda besides the main order. Well, this is subtle manipulation by letting you choose something, when in fact you are persuaded in choosing what they really wanted in the first place. My only possible advice here would be: do not go near fast-food, but since this is unavoidable, go there very rarely or as rarely as possible. Sugar will enhance your blood with a kicking rush, depending on the amount of it. Did you know that a regular bottle of soda contains 10 spoons of sugar and what we should really eat is just the equivalent of 1 spoon of sugar?

Start thinking

Although you may be wondering what has your brain to do with weight loss, here is the connection and the meaning: when you begin thinking, you will know how to choose between good and bad, between what is right and what is wrong, you will be aware of life and reality. First off, do not fall prey to all the advertising that stores make all over the city and try avoiding or trusting them. Do not fall prey to their alluring composure.

Try to think outside of the box and think what you would want to eat, what kind of life you would like to live instead of letting yourself manipulated by society. We do not live anymore in an individual and decisional-making world. Many times decisions are made for us and without our own accord. We are told what to do, what to be, what to love, how to do certain things and where to head in live. So what I am saying illustrates the following idea: in order to begin having a more healthy life, try to begin thinking for yourself.

Do not be impressed by what everyone else does, and rather do what you think would be best for you and would best suit you. You are enough conscious of the fact that bad food would lead to a bad health and eventually to a bad life. This is all about trusting ourselves and making the right decisions. Do not do a thing only because everyone else does it, do it because it is the right thing to do for you.

The Secret of Everything

Whatever you do, do it out of care and for others. As you can see, society does not really love us if it chose artificial ways, such as fast-food and things we buy for free (without significance) and thus tries to kill us with kindness. We must thank it for at least being kind and caring in a murderous ways. You want to lose weight? It is simple. I do not have to repeat over and over again what people have told me and you for entire years.

So, again: do you really want to lose weight? There is no secret. You just have to do what is logical and follows Newton’s first law: every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If you want to lose weight, then STOP EATING. Isn’t it logical? If there is a fire in the building, the fire must be extinguished. If your pencil falls down, then you must retrieve it. Action and Reaction. As simple as that. Nothing more. If you will continue believing that there must be a secret and magical recipe for losing weight, then you are clearly wasting your time. There is no secret pill or recipe. The recipe is yourself. The secret is yourself. At this point, I cannot do anything more, because this is what we are. We are the source of our problems, but also the answer to our problems.

Be the answer and life is going to change, because Newton’s law works at every subatomic, universal or cosmic level. Good always bring good, while bad calls for bad. Choose the side of happiness and it will come to you inevitably.

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Best Weight Loss Methods in 2017
There are many methods through which we can reduce weight. Some of these methods are well-known and are being repeated to us every time we seek the advice of a nutritionist or every time we speak to a friend.
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