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Black Garlic + Benefits

Aura S
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Nature gives us many things that could keep us healthy and strong. Some people already discovered nature’ secrets but not all of us and even if the ones who did have the impression that they know all, nature surprises us every day. Many plants have secret properties that could help us forget about doctors and illnesses. I was always amazed by the similarities between the shape of our internal organs and the shape of some vegetables and fruits.

Walnuts looks just like our brain and beans looks like our kidneys, while tomatoes look like our breasts and Avocado’ shape looks like a woman uterus. It is like they tell us without words for which reasons we should consume them. In the following rows of this article, I will reveal to you the garlic benefits, but also you will be able to read about black garlic. In case you are interested, you should continue your reading.

What should you know about garlic?

Garlic was used since the oldest times to cure many types of diseases. It is also known to be a natural antibiotic. It might not smell too good or it might not be that tasty but its properties could be quite amazing.

The garlic is known as one of the biggest enemies for heart diseases. It was proved that garlic consumption could reduce the cholesterol level, which leads to a better blood flow. This leads to a well oxygenated organism. The reason why your blood flow will be improved is because garlic produces a higher level of hydrogen sulphide.

You blood pressure will be decreased as well. Garlic consumption will help you forget about aspirin intake, but you should consume it daily. Even if you do not want to chew it, because you do not like its taste, you can still swallow it as if it were a pill.

Garlic is a great weapon against viral infections and funguses. Your immune system will be improved and because of this property it is highly recommended during the cold season. It seems that it is even more efficient than  allopath antibiotics. There were situations when certain infections were not defeated by regular antibiotics no matter what the patients might have tries but the regular garlic consumption did it.

The persons who suffer of chronic diseases such as diabetes could improve their health state just by consuming garlic. It has a great influence when it comes about our bodies’ ability to produce insulin. It is able to bring the sugar level form our blood at normal levels. Even if you are not suffering of diabetes you could prevent its appearance just by adding garlic in your daily nutrition.

Even if people who eat garlic are ashamed by their breath smell, the studies showed that it boosts your libido quite much. It is able to raise your testosterone level no matter if you are a man or a woman. If you do not like its smell you can chew a bit of parsley and the smell is gone.

Be aware however if you are under medication already. People who have problems with their blood flow and they take anticoagulants daily might not be allowed to consume garlic as well because it will double the medicines effects. Too much is not good either.

Black garlic

As I said at the beginning of this article, I will not discuss just about regular garlic that can be found on any market. The black garlic is in fact the same white garlic but it is obtained through a fermentation process. Due to this fermentation process the garlic genuine texture, smell and taste are completely changed. The people, who tried it, say that it tastes like figs. Why should you do that? Why should you try to obtain black garlic from white garlic and why should you consume it?

The studies showed that black garlic is even more effective than the white garlic when it comes about fighting against germs, viruses and funguses. The quantity of allicin is higher due to the fermentation process but the main advantage will be the lack of smell. The amount of antioxidants will be increased and even doubled and you might already know how important these are for our health.

Some people cannot consume garlic because they suffer of gastric distress. This will no longer be an issue if you decide to consume black garlic because it is well tolerated by the organism and you will not feel any type of distress. This type of aliment should not be missed from your kitchen. It could be eaten in a raw state or you could use it when you cook. The most efficient way will be to eat it row so you could benefit of all its ingredients but when you put it in your dishes, the taste of the food becomes a real delight.

The fermentation process lasts about a month and should be made in a controlled environment regarding the temperature and the humidity.


After all, the things written above, I hope that I convinced you that garlic no matter if it white or black is something that you should consume as long your personal doctor will recommend otherwise. One thing that you should not forget is that this aliment does not replace any medical treatment. If you suffer of some chronic diseases, you should not forget about what your doctor prescribed and start consuming just garlic. You can take it as a supplement to boost your treatment’ effects.

If you want to submit regular garlic to a fermentation process, you should make some researches so you will learn how to do it properly.

Beside garlic, many other natural foods have great effects on our health so you should try to find out more about them and improve your diet with them. This way you will be able to finally enjoy what nature gives you.

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Black Garlic + Benefits
Nature gives us many things that could keep us healthy and strong. Some people already discovered nature’ secrets but not all of us and even if the ones who did have the impression that they know all, nature surprises us every day. Many plants have secret properties that could help us forget about doctors and illnesses.
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