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Blinkist – Could Be What You Need

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The technology these days offers us many opportunities. Its development should improve our lives and ease them somehow. The smartphone devices are like small computers that we carry along with us everywhere we go.

We can use our personal email, we can listen to our favorite music, we can spend hours on Facebook or Instagram and we can read our favorite books. Each day a new app is launched so we can enjoy it and benefit of all the things it can bring into our lives.

In the following rows of this article I will talk about how a new app new released on the market namely the Blinkist.
If you like to read but you abandon books quite easily due to all the external factors that influences you to do it, then you should continue your reading session.

What is Blinkist?

This is an app created to help you read your favorite books without even reading them. It is a team that reads the entire books and novels and summarizes their content so you can read them and transform a 200 pages book into a 70 pages book. It will take only 15 minutes to read all the important things from a very thick novel. The number of the summaries is quite wide. You can have access at over 2000 books. The library will offer you daily picks that will change in the following day.

Blinkist price

As you can imagine this is not a free app. You can enroll yourself for a monthly subscription that will cost you less than $13 but if you choose the annual subscription you will benefit of a great discount. At least this is what the seller promises to its eventual buyers. A 50% off could be considered a great discount. With less than $80 you will be able to access a real library of summaries. Even if the number of books is already big, it is growing everyday and each month almost 50 new books are added to the library. This seems to be an endless source of relaxation. This app is available in Europe as well.
This app has other features as well. Besides that you can read your favorite books while you are online, as many other apps function, it is created so you can do it offline as well. You can highlight the important passages if you want to summarize it even more. You can also download the books on your Kindle if you do not want to use your phone for this purpose.

About Blinkist

This app is not as new as you can imagine. In fact it is on the market for several years now and one of the most important updates was made in 2016. The new logo looks like an opened seed. The creators of the app chose this logo because they consider it representative for them. The seed of knowledge- this is how they name their logo. If you visit the official website, you will be able to learn more about all the facilities and the features of this app.
No matter if you own a smartphone with an Android system or iOS, you can download it on both. As many other types of apps you can create a personal account using your email address or you can just login with your Facebook account. The last solution is more popular due to the fact that if you erase it from your phone, once you will download it again you will be able to access your account easier and you will not lose any history.
As I already said you will have available a daily list of picks that will change the next day. If you want to see how all these things work, you can go for the 24 hours free trial. I advise you to do it when you have a spare day so you can enjoy it all day long.

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