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Blue Apron – The Easy Way To Cook

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Description: Blue Apron is a meal delivery service that will get you the ingredients and recipes you need to cook new dishes right at your door.

One of the cool things about having so much information at our disposal – thanks to the ever-developing technology – is that we can develop all sorts of skills and get tips and information for our various hobbies. If you’re into cooking a lot and you could easily call yourself a foodie, you might have tried the Internet for new recipes and inspiration. Well, Blue Apron takes your cooking experience to the next level. What is it and what do users say about it? That’s what today’s post is about.

Blue Apron – What Is It?

Many of us are familiar with those days when you just want to put it all on auto pilot. Busy days, exhausting days, lots of chores and responsibilities. And there comes dinner time when you feel like you have no idea what to cook even with all the information you can access on the web. Blue Apron was created especially for that sort of days. Dedicated to people interested in trying new cuisines and flavors but with little time to do the grocery shopping, Blue Apron is a pre-portioned, ready to cook meal delivery service committed to helping you enjoy delicious meals and try new foods. The company sends a box of pre-portioned meal ingredients with recipes. You get both the instructions and the ingredients. All you need is to cook them in order to enjoy a fresh meal.

Depending on the plans you opt for, the box can come with ingredients to cook three meals for 2 or 4 people. The ingredients are lined with ice packs in order to stay fresh and the boxes including meat are vacuum sealed so you can use them even a week or two later.

Their options also include meat and fish or vegetarian meal plans and the variety of recipes you can cook is great enough to satisfy even very curious cooks interested in recipes from all over the world. The recipes include photos for every step you need to take. Thanks to their delivery options (daily from 8 am to 8 pm and 6 pm to 8 pm), you can order your Blue Apron meals in such a way to match your work schedule.

Blue Apron Pricing

If your family includes more members than you and your partner, you can still enjoy the meal delivery service offered by Blue Apron. There are two plans you can go for:

  • A 2-person plan that includes three meals per week and costs $59.94;
  • A family plan that serves four people, which costs $69.92 for two meals and $139.84 for four meals per week.

Thanks to the preview option on the company’s official website, you can see in advance a week’s menu. This way, you’ll be sure whether you want to cook the ingredients you receive. If they don’t look that enticing to you, you can easily skip them and hope for a better menu for the next week. Using Blue Apron to make dinner is almost as easy as ordering it. The box you receive includes all the ingredients you need and the recipe with step-by-step photos showing the major steps you need to take. Each of them starts with instructions to help you prepare the ingredients before cooking them.

What Do Users Say About Blue Apron?

One of the things to do before shopping online is to read customer reviews regarding a particular product. Even if each of us experiences things differently, learning more about other people’s experience with certain services or products might help you come to a better decision. Blue Apron enjoys mostly positive reviews. People who’ve tried the meal delivery service say their experience has been good overall. The boxes included everything they needed to cook almost all the time. We’ve found reviews saying that certain boxes didn’t include olive oil, salt, and pepper but those are general ingredients you’d most probably have at home.

One drawback consumers mentioned is that the company doesn’t currently offer any meal choices beyond meat and fish or vegetarian plans and the menu must be checked weekly for any food allergies or preferences before ordering. If you don’t eat pork, for instance, you don’t have the possibility to exclude it. Therefore, it is best to verify what the menu includes before placing your order.

At least one review we’ve found said that instead of receiving three vegetarian menus as ordered, they received one vegetarian meal and two chicken meals. When they contacted the company, they were refunded the full amount and even offered three new vegetarian meals to make up for the inconvenience. They didn’t receive the meals, though.

Several reviewers found the packaging impressive, the recipes clear, and the menus varied while others considered all the bags used a waste since the quantity of the ingredients in them was small. While most reviews said nothing about the pricing, at least one of them considered a particular’s week menu too expensive for what the box included.

Final Thoughts On Blue Apron

If you enjoy cooking but you’re not very much into or don’t have time for grocery shopping, Blue Apron might be just what you need. You don’t have to look for new recipes or inspiration for your dinner as Blue Apron will do that for you and come up with weekly plans including recipes from various parts of the world. You get to cook and try new flavors without the shopping drudge and the time it requires.

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