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BlueskyAutoFinance Reviews – Does it Work or Scam?

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BlueskyAutoFinance promises to assist its visitors get automobile financing, irrespective of their financial situation or credit history. The service is meant to be always a solution for many who are struggling to get a financing for car buying from finance institutions and lenders because of their personal bankruptcy and poor credit history.

For BlueskyAutoFinance.com, issues such as bankruptcy and poor credit score are not problems. Actually, Bluesky Auto Finance is dedicated directly to those type of customers.

About BluskyAutoFinance

The business behind this amazing site is coping with car lenders and retailers that focus on bad credit automobile financing.

It would seem to be that BlueskyAutoFinance can assist anyone choose the car they want. In some instances, this may happen in under 2-days after the accpetance of the loan.

The website emerged in 2004 and is also owned by a business called Bluesky Auto Finance. Though it has lots of features, fundamentally a vehicle loans matching service.

The web site is 100% free to use, and promises to have offered an incredible number of credits, since 2004.

The goal of Bluesky Auto Finance is to place users in touch with lenders and cars retailers.

It promises to truly have a countrywide network of partners who are prepared to offer automobile financing despite very poor financial situations and credit score.

Bluesky Auto Finane is not really a lender, so that it does not have any engagement in the loans deals between the clients and the lending companies. All this amazing site does, is to hook up lenders with possible clients.

These being said, the business can not be held in charge of any issues that came across the process of lending money, since they only put clients in contact with lending companies.

Bluesky Auto Finance is fundamentally a site that allows its visitors to apply for auto loans, and the procedure is similar to the ones found on other loans matching sites.

On the home page of the web site, the company remarks that the automobile loans can course up to 60 months. Also, it is mentioned that lending options dedicated to new car can have gross annual interest rates of only 2.99%.

Sadly, it’s hard to state if lending options available through this site are really this affordable, since he business is not offering more info about them. There is enough information on how to use the site for financing and on the different loan types.

The main car finance application is offered right on the home page of the web site. In addition, it has its own section and it could be also found within the Bad Credit Auto Loans section.

The last mentioned is the section which includes 9 different kinds of loans, on which you can apply by filling up only a single form (application). In such cases, only the names are different, so the site’s visitors who want can select some of them.

The application form will require visitors to fill in almost all their personal stats. They must provide their full legal name, address, contact details, social security number, and also financial info (income, other loans, monthly expenses).

Additionally, applicants have even to provide details on their workplace, including the company’s contact info.

BlueskyAutoFinance – Pros

Bluesky Auto Finance could probably help visitors gain access to automobile financing, but sadly, there is absolutely no crystal-clear proof for this.

It is only a matching service that hooks up its visitors with car financing lenders who are able to offer car loans even to those who have poor credit score or a low financial situation.

The existing negative reviews are not related to the company’s services. It appears that no person has complained about stepping into deceiving deals or paying extra fees on the loans.

BlueskyAutoFinance – Cons

Some of the negative reviews are related to spamming emails – Some declare that they receive a large number of emails over a frequent basis, from Bluesky Auto Finance and its affiliates.

The web site offers minimal details about the lending options or lenders – It asks users to provide their private details, which is strange if users have no idea who receives this info when the application form process has ended.

The bottom line on BlueskyAutoFinance

It seems that the company gathers and shares private details, and makes it be very difficult for its visitors to somehow increase their level of privacy.

However, Bluesky Auto Finance is only a business based on providing you with the lenders that match up with your preferences. This is absolving them for any issue that might pop up in the lending process.

In conclusion, Bluesky Auto Finance is not a scam but it can put you in contact with lenders which have their own policies and conditions to be met, so, be cautious when applying for a car loan via blueskyautofinance.com.

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