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BookMooch.com – Good Deal or Not?

Aura S
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Even if you might have different opinion, many people still enjoy reading books. When I say books, I am not referring to the e books that could be read on a tablet or on another electronic gadget. I mean real books, with pages and covers.

I am one of them and I believe that the charm of such book cannot be compared with any electronic book. Some of these books could be quite expensive sometimes. You could be in the situation of paying big amounts on a book written by a classic author, no matter if you buy it from a bookstore or from an online website. This is the reason why there are some websites where people can exchange their books with other book lovers.

In the following rows of this article, I will write about such website, where you can obtain great books free of charge. If this website is better than others are, you will be able to discover if you just continue your reading.

What is BookMooch.com all about?

As I already mentioned in the introduction of this article, BookMook.com is a website where you can trade your books with other people. If you wonder if you will have to pay something for this activity the answer is no. The website, comparing with others, does not have too many rules. This does not mean that it does not have any rules. First, if you want to obtain a book from another person, you must be the first one who offers your own books in exchange.

For each book that you offer you will receive trading points that will give you the possibility of having a wider variety of books from which you could choose. Also, if you are the one who is offering a book you are the one who will have to pay the shipping fee. This means that the person who will receive your books will not have to pay anything.

I hope that you understood by now that this it is not a place where you can sell your books. There are others websites where you can do it. This website is dedicated to book lovers and not for the ones who wants to create a small business.

What you need to know?

As you can imagine, to be able to trade your books you must create an account. To make sure that this is what you want to do, you have the possibility to browse this website pages without registering yourself. This way you will see if the books that interest you could be found here. Considering that, this is one of the most popular websites that offers to its users this opportunity I imagine that they have a wide range of books available for you.

You do not have to waste your time browsing all the website pages until you find the book you need. All you have to do is use their search engine. As you can imagine, there might be more than just one user who offers the same book. The good thing is that you can read details about the book, as the edition of it, how it was preserved, etc.

Another good thing, and which explains how this website survives, is that in case you do not find the wanted book among their offer, you have the possibility to access other websites such as Amazon, from which you can buy the book needed. As you can imagine the website will receive an amount for each book bought from Amazon through them.


After you have found what you need, and you decided that you are willing to trade your books with others, you should register yourself on this website. T is far from being difficult to create your own account on this website.

All you have to do is to mention your email address and your location. You might wonder why your location is necessary. There are thousands of users from many countries. Considering that the one who is shipping his books must also pay the shipping fee, I do not believe that they will be willing to pay such high fees to ship their books abroad.

Once you created your account, you can start completing your profile information. In your profile, you should also mention which your exchange terms are along with the delivery period comfortable for you.

The website does not oblige you to have a certain delivery term but the one you specify must be respected so you could be considered a trustworthy trader. You should also know that you would receive ratings from the other users who collaborated with you. In this case, you need to have a good rating, otherwise you might not be able to use the points offered by each book you offer in exchange. It will not be enough to post those books. You have to give them as well.

What is not that great?

Until now, I spoke only about the good things. Are there any bad things about this website? Considering that it is one of the most popular websites, which offer such services, you might believe that there are no complaints. Satisfying everyone is almost impossible, so if you read the reviews written about it you might find a few cons as well.

Usually people complain about the fact that they were not able to access their accounts because they were blocked for no reason. Others complaints refer to the fact that their libraries or points were deleted from their accounts. In both cases, the users requested support from the website owners but they were somehow refused or they did not receive a desired answer.


Are these situations frequent enough so we could start to worry? It seems that these situations were quite rare and temporary as well. This means that you should not be afraid to use this website services.

Do I recommend it? As a book lover, I do recommend it. It is not the only website, which offers such services but on my opinion is the most transparent one regarding their trading policies and you should not worry about the safety of your personal data.

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