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BrainHQ – Does It Truly Work?

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Description: BrainHQ is an online brain training program that claims to help its users develop specific cognitive functions and improve the way their brain works through a number of games and challenges.

Talking about the benefits of today’s technology would take a great deal of space and we won’t focus on that today. However, we’ll try to dive deeper into the way online tools can help one improve and develop brain functions, specifically on BrainHQ. Stay tuned to find out more about it.

BrainHQ – What You Need To Know

Owned by Posit Science, BrainHQ is an online brain training tool developed by neuroscientists to help people exercise their brain functions and improve them. The company behind the program has a good reputation and is known for being involved in research, having partnerships with well-known scientists from top universities and working with many contributors whose experience is backed up by a Ph.D. in neuroscience. Given all that, the program seems to be promising.

The tool was developed with the idea that the brain’s physical and chemical structure can be changed and improved through various mental trainings. This quality of the brain is known as neuroplasticity. Although controversial, this theory has led to the development of many online brain programs such as BrainHQ. Prosit Science justifies its claims with more than 100 scientific papers they’ve published in order to prove that there’s truth behind the neuroplasticity theory.

What we gather from these papers is that many subjects using their brain training methods have developed or improved their memory, attention, visual and auditory processing, and even their mood. Furthermore, the brain training methods seem to improve even one’s driving skills and balance.

Their official website offers more details about their research findings, images and illustrations of the way the brain is involved in their training methods, brain teasers, and even the latest book releases related to brain activity theories and aspects, news, webinars, and podcasts on neuroscience.

The website offers rich information on the way the brain works and many things related to brain activity and neuroscience.

How Does BrainHQ Help Your Brain?

Like other similar brain training programs, BrainHQ offers personalized training based on the user’s abilities and preferences. It includes games that are adapted to the user’s performance as well as challenges addressing specific conditions. You can also use BrainHQ as an app on your iOS device.

The free subscription includes access only to some features of the program. If you can’t afford a paid subscription and you go for the free option, you will have access to the first levels of only 4 games that will help you improve your brain processing speed and level up your attention. Non-paying members will have access only to 5 out of 16 challenges which are designed to help the user improve auditory memory and processing, sports and basic memory.

The games the program includes, although not as exciting as the ones offered by similar programs, are simple and fun to use. They include feedback on the user’s achievements at every level.

BrainHQ – Pricing and Refund Policy

If you do want to enjoy all the features and games the program includes, you can go for one of their options. The monthly subscription is available for $14 but if you choose the annual option which requires a single pay of $96, you can enjoy it for $8 a month. The website also offers the possibility to purchase gift subscriptions as follows:

  • $39 for 3 months
  • $59 for 6 months
  • $96 for one year.

The subscription will renew automatically. If for some reasons you want to cancel yours, you must do so before the expiration date. The website doesn’t mention anything about refunds. This means that it is likely for you not to get your money back if you don’t cancel in time and get charged again even if you didn’t want to.

What Do Users Say?

The theory of neuroplasticity is still the subject of much debate. Some scientists say the structure of the brain can be changed and influenced through different games and challenges whereas other scientists keep their skepticism on.

Just like many other services, programs, and products, BrainHQ comes with both negative and positive feedback. There are users saying that they just got better at completing the tasks the games include. Repetition makes one become better at doing something.

That might be the reason why the games appear to improve certain cognitive functions according to some users.

Then there are people who tried the games and noticed significant improvements in their daily lives. One way to explain such results is that the games help people take their natural skills to their maximum potential. However, results are noticeable in many cases.

Final Thoughts On BrainHQ

What makes such a program work or not is the brain complexity itself. There’s probably still more to discover before knowing precisely the way the human brain works and how much games can actually improve one’s cognitive functions. Given all that, it is impossible to say that the program will work for all its users.

As a downside, we’d mention the lack of information regarding the refund policy and, thus, the impossibility to get your money back if you forget to unsubscribe. Then, the free subscriptions give access only to some of the program’s features and that might not be enough to help a potential buyer know precisely if the games the program offers are what they want.

All in all, playing such games on a regular basis might indeed trigger improvements. Don’t expect miraculous results, though. If you are patient and exercise daily, you can notice benefits that might then improve your daily activities.

You can know how some things work just by trying them and this brain program might have different results for different people. If you’ve tried the brain training methods and games BrainHQ offers, please use the comment section below to let us know about your experience.

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