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brandless review

Just when you taught you’ve seen it all, the internet strikes again with an inspiring and fresh launch. A new shopping site that promises to give you everything in the most simple and exposed way!

Branded? Unbranded? How different?

Branding happens when producers want to increase consumer awareness and develop the so-called loyalty, also the name of the brand represents a replacement for ‘expected benefits ‘.

It is believed that the consumers will obtain a feel of fulfilment after buying branded products, or not? We’re going to find out how the presence of branding and the lack of one could ‘affect’ or impress people.

Branded products come with the trademark of the manufacturer and can be linked to the image of the company, while unbranded products don’t support this thing.

The clients have confidence only on the features the brand is going to offer them and are eager to spend more on branded products than on unbranded ones. But what would you do if sometimes you are not satisfied with your branded product experience?

About Brandless

When co-founder Tina Sharkey described her company as ‘A thoughtful, irresistible selection of the food and household products you reach for every day’, nobody asked more, they were highly curious and awestruck by the idea and the immediate results!

The co-founder also declared that quality comes first for each product then she started to cut out that ‘annoying’ tax, also called ‘brand tax’, offering finally the amazing opportunity to buy products for 40% less than the common brands.

Neat, right? Well, she really believed she could do it so she surely outdid herself.

Here are some facts that will make you fall hard for Brandless:

  1. Simple, please! Having no brand or sub-brands at all to pick from will make your shopping effortless. And the best thing? All products are at the same marvelous price, 3 dollars! You don’t have to compare items from now on.
  2. Value revolution: Brandless will surely give you more of what you want and less of what you don’t want! Everything is packed simple, organized, with clear front-of-pack list of ingredients, and of course, a ‘brand tax free’ label.
  3. Cool inspiration: Muji is a known Japanese retailer that uses the same idea for decades. Fun fact, ‘Mu’ means ‘without’ and ‘ji (jirushi)’, ‘brand’. They sell stationery, clothes and homeware products.
  4. Straight route to consumer! Tina Sharkey noticed how most companies don’t have a relationship with consumers. She believed that ‘the companies’ costumers are the stores, not the end consumer.’, so she created this strong connection that will allow you to get in touch with everything you will choose to buy. Meaning that you’ll have the chance to try firstly, and then decide if a certain product is what you need.
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