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Breast Cancer – Knowing Before it Could Happen

Aura S
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What will happen after you know?

It is great that sooner or later this tool will be accessible but what can you do when you finally determine that you have a certain risk of developing breast cancer?
After knowing all that, the current treatments and procedures used to prevent the disease or to diagnose it in time will be prescribed. At least you will know that you should follow screening programs, mammograms and even take certain medication that will prevent cancer cells to develop. If you do not have such a high level of risk, after identifying such situation, the doctors will be able to approximate when you should follow these types of prevention programs with an increased frequency.
What you should be aware of is that being in risk does not mean that you have the disease. In fact some people might never develop this type of cancer or any other type of cancer no matter how deep this is written in their genes. This new device should not cause panic among the population. It is good to know but this should not mean that you are allowed to become hypochondriac.

The breast cancer is a type of cancer that is spread worldwide and it can kill. One thing that causes such effect is that people do not check themselves. It is not like the breast cancer is not showing any signs. In fact it is can be discovered in very early stages. All you have to do is to never ignore any sign of anomaly. Most cancers are quite silent and you do not know about them or notice them, until it is a bit too late. This is not the case when it comes about breast cancer.

Even if you discover that you have a great potential of developing such disease, you should not choose drastic measures if they are not necessary. Mutilating ourselves just to prevent something that might never happen is an example of a drastic measure.


With all these things being said, I hope that I gave you a great news. I hope that we will not have to wait much longer for this calculator to be approved so people from the entire world will be able to benefit of it. I am sure, that its creators hope for the same thing.

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Breast cancer – knowing before it could happen
Maintaining your health should be one of your main goals. One of the most terrible threats when it comes about illnesses is cancer. The fact that such a small percent of people survived this disease does not make us too positive about it. One of the most spread types of cancer is the breast cancer.
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