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Brixo Lego Review

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brixo lego review

The concept of this new LEGO is simple and similar to the traditional one, all you have to do is build the right toy for you. But, thanks to those who created Brixo Lego, LEGO pieces now include very small batteries, light and motion sensors and bricks that conduct small amounts of electricity to act as a circuit. With the help of these, you can create, at your own pleasure, a whole range of connected toys that you can control from your own smarthphone.

Another very interesting thing is that Lego and Brixo can connect together because they are designed to fit each piece of plastic with each other. Now you can replace old LEGO pieces from the toys you create with pieces of Brixo Lego. Through this, you can give more life to the pieces of Lego and you can fully enjoy these toys created for you all this because Brixo Lego helps you create your own lighting circuit, switches and sensors.

Did you think Brixo Lego was created just to play? Certainly not! These smart pieces of plastic are “an introduction” into the technology era for the children. With this tech they will learn much faster how circuitry, lights and switches work. Moreover, they will learn how to connect them and how to use the smarthphone to fully enjoy the pleasure of Brixo Lego.

You wonder what Brixo Lego can do exactly? There are so many things you can do that, your only concern would be what you cannot do because you can set these pieces of plastic to do a lot of things. For example, you can set them to light up the LEDs just by simply clap, or to move when you say a word. These pieces of Lego are so intelligent, they can do absolutely anything.

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