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Brother DCP-J1100DW Could be What You Want

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brother dcp j1100dw review

Why do we need a printer?

Everyone knows the utility of a printer. We need one in our homes and in our offices or in our home offices.

There will always be some document or some picture that has to be printed.

You might already have one and you do not understand why you should buy a new one. People need to upgrade their devices in order to improve the quality of their work and the speed with which they do things.

About Brother DCP-J1100DW printer

A printer model released on the market ten years ago might not have the needed features as a new printer has according with the speed with which the technology develops.

In the following rows of this article, I will talk about a certain printer which seems to be a well reviewed one. The Brother DCP-J1100DW printer might be the answer to your problems but you will be the only one to decide if this is true.

In order to do that you should continue your reading session and compare it with the Yeehaw Printer for example, for which we've wrote a review before.

How it looks like?

It is pretty bulky and large. It will fill a lot of your space. This is one of the aspects that you will have to consider.

The design did not impress too much the users, but there is a good thing related to the ink cartridges.

As huge the printer is as huge the cartridges are. The good thing is, on my opinion, that it does not have ink bottles. I personally prefer the cartridges because handling them will not cause too much mess.

Brother DCP-J1100DW features

The printr is also gifted with a scanner. Besides that it is an Ethernet port which can be found on its back side.

Inside of it you will find also an USB port. The plug in cable is hidden under the scanner section.

This will decrease the chances to unplug it by accident.

You also have the possibility to print from a memory stick. I already mentioned the USB port that could be found inside the printer but it also has another one in which you can insert the memory stick.

An appreciated feature is the SD card slot with which it is provided.

Main features

The Brother DCP-J1100DW printer cannot print A3 pages. It has an auto duplex printing option.

There's also has a touch screen display that it is quite easy to use. It can be connected to the internet through its Wi-Fi connection.

It can print, copy and scan documents. This means that even if it is quite bulky it will successfully replace other devices that you also need.

You can print documents from your Google Cloud folders.

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