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Butter vs Margarine

Miky C
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Butter mixed with vegetable oils

To reduce the amount of saturated fat and cholesterol in the diet, a mixture of butter and olive or canola oils can be used, which will have about 100 calories and 11 grams of fat per serving, but will contain a lower amount of fat saturated and cholesterol compared to plain butter.

About margarine

Margarine was discovered in the 1800s in France as an alternative to butter that was rare and expensive at that time. Margarine had its ups and downs in the dairy industry.

At first, it was considered healthier than butter because it is based on plant products. But negative reactions have arisen because margarine is obtained by artificial processes that result in fats. Normally, margarine contains 80% fat, and if the percentage falls below 70%, it is considered to be low-fat margarine.

Preferably – Low fat content margarine

Like butter, the low fat level means that margarine will add water or other ingredients to reduce the overall amount of fat, but also the number of calories. Several brands offer this type of margarine. An option would be margarine beaten, which will have less fat than dense margarine.

Butter and margarine with additions

Various manufacturers provide consumers with various types of butter and margarine, to which various additives have been added: from cinnamon to garlic and aromatised plants, calcium and vitamin D, omega-3 and flaxseed oil, natural yogurt or extra virgin olive oil -virgin.

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Butter vs Margarine
Many people prefer margarine rather than butter. It is based on vegetable oils, and doctors have increasingly highlighted the dangers of saturated fats.
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