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Butter vs Margarine

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All this helps to improve the taste of these dairy products and stimulates their consumption. In fact, a serving of butter or margarine must be small: only a thin layer stretched on a slice of bread is sufficient. It is recommended to check the label of each product, calculate the calories, saturated fat and trans-fats in one serving to make an intelligent choice for both the taste, health and budget of any person.

Butter in our health

The healthiest choice is to avoid using butter and margarine. And these could be replaced with monounsaturated fats: olive oil or vegetable oils for cooking. If, however, butter is preferred for the preparation of sausages, try to use a little butter that will be filled with vegetable oil. Instead of butter, sandwiches can consume butter from nuts or avocados. This will achieve the necessary intake of healthy fats.


Calories from any source of fat are accumulated quickly, so any person should be aware of the size of the portions consumed. It will not exaggerate and regardless of the selected product will limit the total consumption. For cooking, use margarine with low fat content. The key is the portion control.

Even if you use half a packet of butter for a black pot, it is not a problem if you eat one or two pieces of cake.

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Butter vs Margarine
Many people prefer margarine rather than butter. It is based on vegetable oils, and doctors have increasingly highlighted the dangers of saturated fats.
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