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Can Hypnosis Improve Kids Health

Diane Luke
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Hypnosis as a Way to Improve Health for Kids?

Hypnosis can be an extremely effective treatment in treating the various problems faced by children. Unlike adults, children are more receptive to hypnotic suggestions. They have a living imagination, an aspect that facilitates access to the unconscious and brings about the desired change. The hypnotherapist can use a variety of techniques including visualization, stories, doll-playing, or role-playing.

At what age is hypnosis recommended?

Before the age of 5, hypnosis is not recommended because the child will not have the necessary attention or cognitive abilities sufficiently developed to benefit from this process.

Between the ages of 5 and 9, hypnosis techniques involving games and other children are recommended.

After the age of 10 years, techniques used for adults can be also used for children, but these are simplified:

  • hypnotic trance lasts less than in the case of an adult
  • the language used is appropriate and meaningful for the child

Therapist also has to explain to the child what hypnosis is, and the explanations used have to be in the capacity of his understanding.

Hypnosis in kids. What it can cure?

Children are perfect candidates for hypnosis because they do not present unconscious resistances, are accustomed to learning, and are open to new.

Hypnosis in kids can be used as a treatment for a variety of issues such as academic performance, anxiety, enuresis, low self-esteem, and phobias. Also, hypnosis is a real help if the child has to get over the loss of a very close person, such as one of the parents. Children who struggle with nightmares or who are experiencing a difficult medical intervention can also benefit from hypnosis.

Hypnosis as a Way to Improve Health in Kids

Academic performance.

School represents a great part of the child’s life. All issues related to the academic environment, starting with attention and learning problems, to problems with colleagues can be addressed and remedied by hypnosis. Through this method, children can strengthen their confidence into themselves and can learn to think positively and healthily.


Not only the adults are affected by stress, depression, or anxiety, but kids may also face these problems, only that the triggering factors may be different.

A kid can develop anxiety when there are some unsolved issues at home, usually between his parents, such in the cases of parents’ divorce, or when one parent is abusive with the other one, or with the kid himself.

Anxiety can also be developed when there are some problems at school, such in the cases of social marginalization, or abusive colleagues.

Hypnosis can reach deep in the kid’s unconscious mind in order to reveal the cause for the anxiety, and can also cure this disorder starting from that point.


Enuresis is a common problem among children. Children affected by enuresis fight with feelings of shame, embarrassment and feel a great lack of control in their lives. They often feel vulnerable, and their self-esteem may be affected if this issue is not addressed and resolved as quickly as possible. One of the reasons why hypnosis is effective in this problem is that the unconscious mind controls many of our body’s functions. Thus, hypnosis accesses the unconscious and works by combining suggestions with visualization.

The child can listen to home audio material with suggestions that help him get rid of enuresis or even one of the parents can learn the minimal techniques to apply to at home. However, it is advisable and recommended to consult a specialist prior to any action.

Low self-esteem.

Low self-esteem is a very common issue the kids face. It can be triggered by many factors, but most common is the feeling of uselessness which is, at its turn, triggered by a very demanding education desired by parents or teachers, or by the impossibility to keep up with the other kids at school.

On the other hand, a low self-esteem can also be developed when the kid is the target of the other kids’ jokes.

Low self-esteem can be treated by psychotherapy, but also by hypnosis sessions, upon which the hypnotherapist will try to discover which is the cause for the low self-esteem, and eventually to treat this issue, starting from the cause.


Phobias are defined as irrational fears. When someone is afraid of something without any good reason and acts irrational and anxious when facing that ‘something’, it is said that he has a phobia.

  • There are dozens of phobias, such as:
  • arachnophobia (fear of spiders)
  • agoraphobia (fear of open places)
  • claustrophobia (fear of narrow places, fear of having no escape)
  • hypnophobia (fear of sleep)
  • thallasophobia (fear of seas or oceans)
  • triskaidekaphobia or terdekaphobia (fear of the number 13)
  • and dozens more…

Among them, there is one particular phobia, the strangest one: Panphobia.

Panphobia represents the fear of everything.

Every phobia can be treated by hypnosis sessions.

How a kids’ hypnosis session looks like, on short

The child must sit comfortably, relaxed, in peace, and there should be no attractive and fun objects around him. The child can relax with his eyes closed, while breathing lightly and deeply.

It is helpful that the light in the room to be diffused. The child can think of a particular object that he likes or can view a place where he feels safe and happy. If the child can not concentrate and can not sit quietly, and relaxed, he should be approached with calm and patience, letting him reach his desired relaxation pace. After the child is relaxed, the suggestions that focus on the problem are recommended. After these suggestions, the child is brought back to the waking state, after which he will tell his feelings, emotions, and thoughts that he experienced while in trance.


Hypnosis as a way to improve health in kids is no myth, being a real treatment in various issues, such as academic performance, anxiety, enuresis, low self-esteem, and phobias.

On the other hand, through hypnosis, the hypnotherapist can suggest kids to change behavioral disorders that might produce habits with a negative impact on kids’ health.

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