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CannaNumb Reviews – Ingredients, Benefits, Side Effects, Prices and More

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Many already plunged into the universe of dietary supplements to cure their conditions. Also, lately, cannabis sativa, especially the CBD component, gained a lot of attention.

But what about combining cannabis sativa seeds with lidocaine to relieve from pain? CannaNumb is just about that. In this article, we’ll review CannaNumb for you so that you’ll precisely know if this one is ideal for you or not.

About CannaNumb

CannaNumb is advertised as a topical pain reliever that contains lidocaine and seeds of cannabis sativa that are renowned for their CBD content.

According to the product’s official site, CannaNumb is the perfect pain reliever, coming in an easy to use roll-on tube for you to apply the lotion straightforwardly and quickly.

Prime Direct Brands is the official seller of this product. Prime Direct Brands is also the seller of other As Seen On TV products, such as K9 Copper Collar or Chop Champ.

As stated on CannaNumb’s official site, you have to simply apply the lotion right on the spot where you feel pain. Soon, as they say, you will feel how the pain fades away.

As it is a roll-on tube, CannaNumb is straightforward to use for back pains, leg aches, or other discomforts.

But what about the ingredients? How do lidocaine and cannabis seeds work together?

Ingredients in CannaNumb

We already mentioned lidocaine and cannabis sativa seeds as the primary ingredients in CannaNumb. Besides these two, the product also contains:

  • menthol
  • arnica
  • glucosamine
  • boswellia serrata extract

But are these ingredients effective when combined? Let’s see!

Menthol, for its part, gives you the sensation of hot and cold when applied. By doing that, menthol will distract you from the pain sensation.

Arnica is another ingredient that’s frequently used in lotions to relieve pain. However, as in the case of cannabis sativa seeds, there are not many clinical trials to sustain the effectiveness of arnica against aches.

Glucosamine and Boswellia Serrata extract are also very often present in supplements for their alleged pain-relieving properties. But, there effects are negligible, according to scientific studies.

For the other two ingredients we created separate sections because they are the main components in CannNumb.

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