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The British Food – What is Wrong With It?

british food

When we are talking about England we usually have wonderful words in our vocabulary. Most persons will like to visit it at least once. No matter if we are talking about the countryside or the large cities, England has many things to provide for its tourists. The architecture of the buildings, the museums, the Royal Palace and the beautiful countryside …

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Tricks to Lose Weight Fast

tricks lose weight fast

Weight loss is guaranteed to those who invest in an effective weight loss program and to the needs of everyone. The most recommended weight loss programs include a balanced diet, based on natural foods and a workout appropriate to daily activity. For the best results achieved in a relatively short time, the help of a personal trainer with experience in …

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The Metabolism of Skinny People – Myth Demolished

metabolism skinny people

I have heard so many times the affirmation that a skinny person who never gains any weight no matter what she or he eats, has a better and faster metabolism. In the following rows of this article I will give you a real theory based on real researches and studies (made by others), that proves otherwise. In case you are …

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Addictive Foods

addictive foods

There is a saying that we should eat in order to survive and not survive for eating. Even so, few of us are able to resist to temptation. This is one of the reasons why weight problems could be encountered worldwide. The activity of cooking became an art. You feel the need to eat with your eyes, nose and mouth …

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Reevaluate the Power of Water

the power of water

Since a while ago, water was highly promoted among the population in order to maintain a good health status and a slim figure. In the last period however there were some researches made on this specific theme and it was discovered that a certain theory about water was a bit wrong. You do not need 2 liters of water per …

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The Ideal Drink is Mineral Water

ideal drink mineral water

Natural mineral water is characterized by its original purity and its perfectly stable mineral composition. It is the only water that can benefit from health-friendly properties. Of underground origin, natural mineral water comes from a single source that is sheltered from any kind of pollution. It is captured from deep depths and does not go under any disinfection treatment, so …

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Facts about Peanut Butter

facts about peanut butter

Even if it is high in calories, peanut butter is a healthy food. Generally, unrefined peanut butter is healthier because it keeps more of the beneficial nutrients of peanuts. In addition, processed peanut butter may contain fatty acid additions (which have been shown to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease). Another risk is incorrect preservation, and peanut butter could develop …

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Garlic Benefits on Empty Stomach

garlic benefits empty stomach

Garlic is one of the most appreciated spices and has many health benefits, especially if it is consumed on an empty stomach. A series of studies show that garlic prevents many diseases, being considered a natural antibiotic. Consumed on empty stomach, garlic is an ally of hope against bacteria found in the stomach, fighting diarrhea, stimulating digestion and appetite. Garlic …

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Butter vs Margarine

Many people prefer margarine rather than butter. It is based on vegetable oils, and doctors have increasingly highlighted the dangers of saturated fats. However, the debate on butter versus margarine is a slippery subject. Some types of margarine contain unhealthy fats, while for others, the product label does not contain clear indications. Meanwhile, other opinions believe that butter would be …

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