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The British Food – What is Wrong With It?

british food

When we are talking about England we usually have wonderful words in our vocabulary. Most persons will like to visit it at least once. No matter if we are talking about the countryside or the large cities, England has many things to provide for its tourists. The architecture of the buildings, the museums, the Royal Palace and the beautiful countryside …

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Smoking During Pregnancy – Real Risks

smoking during pregnancy

When you finally find out that you will have child of your own it will be the perfect time to make some changes in your life. Every woman dreams about this moment. Even the ones who might be taken by surprise by the recent news, feel something special and unexplainable when they first learn that they will be mothers. Even …

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How Healthy Are the Colored Contact Lenses

how-healthy colored contact lens

We all know it’s fun to change the color of your eyes from brown to a more interesting hue or amethyst, but you certainly do not want this to affect your eyes. The colored contact lenses used for cosmetic purposes, to improve and change your look into a glamorous one. How to chose the contact lens? The colored contact lenses …

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Cancer could Get You Fired

cancer get you fired

I have read recently an article that intrigued me quite much. It was about a woman from Hong Kong that was fired because she was diagnosed with cancer. As you might assume I was quite disturbed and I know that many of you will feel just as I did. However, these types of situations are not rare at all. There …

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The Metabolism of Skinny People – Myth Demolished

metabolism skinny people

I have heard so many times the affirmation that a skinny person who never gains any weight no matter what she or he eats, has a better and faster metabolism. In the following rows of this article I will give you a real theory based on real researches and studies (made by others), that proves otherwise. In case you are …

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Addictive Foods

addictive foods

There is a saying that we should eat in order to survive and not survive for eating. Even so, few of us are able to resist to temptation. This is one of the reasons why weight problems could be encountered worldwide. The activity of cooking became an art. You feel the need to eat with your eyes, nose and mouth …

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Dangerous Ingredients in the Cosmetics Industry

Each substance has a precise role in a cosmetic product: either gives it a soft texture to the touch and easy to apply, either gives it stability in the state of cream or gel and does not let the finished product gather, clump, or absorb the moisture of the environment (if it is a powder), or give the cosmetic product …

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11 Proven Health Benefits of Frankincense Oil

Frankincense oil is a resin from several tree species belonging to the Boswellia carteri genus. Its name seems to be a derived of the French term “franc encens”, meaning quality incense. The Arabic name for frankincense oil is “olibanum”, a derived of “al Luban”, meaning milk. When an incision is made into the bark, the tree secretes a milky sap …

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Reevaluate the Power of Water

the power of water

Since a while ago, water was highly promoted among the population in order to maintain a good health status and a slim figure. In the last period however there were some researches made on this specific theme and it was discovered that a certain theory about water was a bit wrong. You do not need 2 liters of water per …

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