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Best Tips for Blood Donation

tips blood donation

A regular blood donation would draw 450 ml, a quantity that does not involve any risk to the donor, as the body always has about 300-400 ml of blood in reserve which is useful when working hard. The human body’s ability to recover the loss is done quantitatively in 1-2 hours, and qualitatively in 14 days without the need for …

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Just Keto Diet – 30 Days Kit Review

keto diet review

The Keto Diet is so popular that it doesn’t need further presentations. However, for those who haven’s heard of it just yet, a Keto Diet implies a lower consumption of carbs and the intake of specific foods that would help the body enter the state of ketosis. Once there, the cells in our body would not anymore take their energy …

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Do Fruit Juices Contain Enough Nutrients?

fruit juices contain nutrients

Eating healthy seems to be a real purpose for us all these days. If the vitamin supplements and other types of pills were quite popular for a while, these days people understood that all those pills could be replaced with the real thing. By this I mean fruits and veggies. The easiest way of having a healthy snack is by …

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What Restrictive Diets Could Do?

When you want to lose weight the first thing that might come into your mind is that you must start a diet. Most people dream about going to bed with big bellies and weak up with flat bellies. This is the reason why, you can find these days many people of any age who choose the most restrictive diets possible …

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HIV and AIDS – is there a cure?

hiv aids cure

When we are talking about silent illnesses we could also mention AIDS. You might wonder why I call them silent illnesses. It is quite difficult to discover them in time in order to do something about them, especially if you live a normal life which might not include eccentricities. How do you get HIV? Some people could think that only …

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Best Tips to Stop Eating Sugar

stop eating sugar

There is no novelty that sugar is one of the most harmful ingredients in our menu. Not necessarily because he’s bad, but because we get to eat much bigger quantities than we need, sometimes without realizing. However, giving up on consuming sugars is a smart decision when we tend to eat this ingredient in excess. Here are the best tips …

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Cosmetics in an Ideal Quantity

cosmetics ideal quantity

We tend to use cosmetics in large quantities in the hope that we will bring more nutrients to our hair or skin. The daily beauty ritual is not enough, using products in the right quantities is just as important. Obviously, this does not require weighing, things are not so complicated. It is very easy to remember what is the correct …

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Breast Implants Could Cause Health Problems

breast implant health problems

Women might have some issues regarding their physical aspect. Some of them could be right but others must be blind. We can see everywhere bigger lips, fake hair, longer eyelashes, bigger bottoms and we should not forget about bigger breasts. I am not judging anyone. As I already said, some women really need some improvements so they can gain faith …

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The British Food – What is Wrong With It?

british food

When we are talking about England we usually have wonderful words in our vocabulary. Most persons will like to visit it at least once. No matter if we are talking about the countryside or the large cities, England has many things to provide for its tourists. The architecture of the buildings, the museums, the Royal Palace and the beautiful countryside …

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Smoking During Pregnancy – Real Risks

smoking during pregnancy

When you finally find out that you will have child of your own it will be the perfect time to make some changes in your life. Every woman dreams about this moment. Even the ones who might be taken by surprise by the recent news, feel something special and unexplainable when they first learn that they will be mothers. Even …

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