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8 Tips for Parents of Teens with Depression

Fighting depression is not an easy task for adults, but it is even harder for teenagers Adolescence itself is a troubled time for children, and parents’ mission isn’t an easy one, since they’ll have to keep up with all their teens’ mood changes and anger outbursts. It may be difficult to tell when your teenagers suffers from depression or goes …

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6 Reasons to Call in Sick to Work


No one likes it when they’re sick, obviously. But what everyone hates is to feel sick and having to go to work in the same time. We know that we can’t be healthy forever and that sometimes, sickness pops up and destroy the natural course of things. When we are sick and feel badly, we lack the will and courage …

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Why You Should Always Shower Before Going to Bed

Doing a shower is an integral part of your everyday life. But when is it healthier to wash? For some of us, the shower is ideal in the morning, gives us energy and prepares us for the next day. For others, the evening showers help relax before bedtime. Why you should always shower before going to bed is the question. …

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I Was Addicted to Heroin – And It Could Happen To Anyone

Heroin addiction is a dangerous condition that can have fatal consequences. One of the most trafficked drugs in the world, heroin is easy to buy in almost any part of the world and can have devastating effects, both on the user and on others. Knowing and understanding some of the signs of heroin use could help family members, friends, or …

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Kids’ Nightmares and Night Terrors

Why they happen and what to do It happened to all of us to wake up in the middle of the sleep, frightened that we were kidnapped by an alien, our teeth fell out or we just fell down from the tallest building. Nightmares are extremely common, we have them at least once a year and scare the hell out …

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Fidget spinners – are they god for kids?

In the previous years, we have seen many attempts of discovering something to remove stress from our lives. Usually stress is assigned to adults but not anymore. It seems that you can be affected by this enemy from very early ages. The number of children who suffer from ADHD or Autism is increasing each year. How can we defeat that? …

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Pee in Swimming Pools

In the hot summer days, you want to have fun and refresh yourself a bit. Where can you spend time outdoors and cool yourself better than at a swimming pool. We all love that, no matter if we know how to swim or not. You can hide yourself from the sun under an umbrella, you can get the perfect tan …

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Women Are Attracted to Beards

When it comes about women’s preferences related to men there are many debates. Some of them prefer blonde-haired people, others will love to have besides them a tall, strong and dark-haired men. You cannot set a trend related to this topic. Lately I saw many men with beards worldwide. It seems that they are more appealing for women. Is this …

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