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How to manage your in love teenager?


Many people once they grow old they forget how beautiful it is to be young and free of worries. One category of people who should never forget this is the parents’ category. Once you become a parent, your life is no longer yours. It’s nothing about you anymore. Everything is about that beautiful child. Nobody say to completely forget about …

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Kids May See Better If They Play Outside


Since the time your kids were babies, outdoors walks was a mandatory task in your daily schedule. Now, that your kids are already used to this routine, they are the ones asking you to take them in the park for few hours of outdoors fun. Maybe they know something we forgot as the time passed upon us and we became …

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Guide to a Healthy Kitchen


Taking a simple look at the damaging effects of today’s hectic lifestyles and recent food scares from across the globe reveals that the various aspects of kitchen safety play a huge role in our everyday wellbeing. It is then no surprise that nutritionists are urging us to become more careful with how and what we eat on a regular basis, …

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Deepening yoga practice one laugh at a time


Everyone has already heard about the benefits that Yoga is offering. This ancient Hindu practice, Yoga, is all about connecting your body with the inner self and with the Universe, energetically speaking. Yoga is based on physical activity but done in a specific manner to trigger some specific energy emitters and receptors in the body, having the main purpose to …

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Global warming – Causes, effects and solutions


We all heard about global warming, and we all know that it is a bad thing. Not everyone knows exactly why this phenomenon emerged. Besides knowing why, people may also want to know what could happen because of it and how can we stop it, if we can? Is our planet too affected by it? You may find some answers …

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Love and marriage


How wedding affects a relationship? Every couple when they are really in love with each other they dream about the big day. Not only women love this idea. Sometimes even men are eager to start a steady lifestyle next to their loved one. Once they decide to pop up the question and make their lovers happy, something starts to change. …

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Bad Breath: Causes and Treatment


The bad breath, or halitosis as it is known in the medical language, is the unpleasant smell of your mouth. In addition to the social issues it generates, the halitosis should worry you because it could signal some internal organs disorders. On the other hand, bad breath may also be caused by poor oral hygiene, some food, or an unhealthy …

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Parents: How to Help a Shy Kid


A shy kid needs his parents’ help to overcome this psychological barrier. In a small number of children, one out of seven, a faster than normal heartbeat remains for longer and the kid shows signs that it is stressed. The kid can sweat or can seem uncomfortable. This high level of sensitivity when the kid is confronting with new experiences …

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Déjà Vu All Over Again: This Man Relived Every New Moment


As about 70% of the population claims that they lived the phenomenon of Deja Vu, it is very likely that you too have experienced it or you will experience it sometime in your life. The Deja Vu phenomenon appears spontaneously and in most cases lasts between 10 and 30 seconds, even if at that time it seems to last much …

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How to choose the best gift


Gift ideas and tips One of the most difficult things in this world it seems to be when you must buy the perfect gift for someone. This is a situation that all of us have been through at least once in our lives. It is almost impossible for some of us to be sure that the gifts we choose are …

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