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HIV and AIDS – is there a cure?

hiv aids cure

When we are talking about silent illnesses we could also mention AIDS. You might wonder why I call them silent illnesses. It is quite difficult to discover them in time in order to do something about them, especially if you live a normal life which might not include eccentricities. How do you get HIV? Some people could think that only …

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Cosmetics in an Ideal Quantity

cosmetics ideal quantity

We tend to use cosmetics in large quantities in the hope that we will bring more nutrients to our hair or skin. The daily beauty ritual is not enough, using products in the right quantities is just as important. Obviously, this does not require weighing, things are not so complicated. It is very easy to remember what is the correct …

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Summer Heat Could Be in Your Advantage

summer heat advantage

Even if most people try to avoid the summer heat there is a category of people who will not be stopped by it. In fact the summer heat works in their advantage. I am talking about athletes. In the following rows of this article, I will talk about a few reasons why athletes choose to train themselves in the middle …

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Choosing a Wedding Dress – An Unforgettable Experience

choosing wedding dress

Since childhood we dream with our eyes open when we walk to the altar – where the loved one waits to say YES for life. We were imagining how the decor would look, who will be present, and, of course, what the dress will look like for the most beautiful day in our lives. How to choose the wedding dress? …

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Cancer could Get You Fired

cancer get you fired

I have read recently an article that intrigued me quite much. It was about a woman from Hong Kong that was fired because she was diagnosed with cancer. As you might assume I was quite disturbed and I know that many of you will feel just as I did. However, these types of situations are not rare at all. There …

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Addictive Foods

addictive foods

There is a saying that we should eat in order to survive and not survive for eating. Even so, few of us are able to resist to temptation. This is one of the reasons why weight problems could be encountered worldwide. The activity of cooking became an art. You feel the need to eat with your eyes, nose and mouth …

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Wooden Toys – Benefits for Young Children

wooden toys benefits for children

Although in most children’s homes, plastic toys are dominant (a reflection of the modern plastic-governed society), wooden toys are gaining more and more fans in our country. In the Nordic countries, wooden toys are very popular and appreciated for many years. Here are the benefits children have if they develop their imagination and sensory sensation with wooden toys, but also …

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Rich People VS Average People

rich people vs average people

When you plan your vacation or you want to buy an expensive thing you must save money for several months or for a whole year. Sometime you might wonder how it will feels like, if this will no longer be an issue for you. Differences between the classes We all dream about that for sure and we all want one …

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Are You a Breakfast Person?

are you a breakfast person

I have read many articles, books and magazines that claim that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Since we were young children we also heard our parents say the same thing. The importance of breakfast I do not recall a single person that would not suggest that my entire life. we hear everywhere that we need to …

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Get Rid of Hangovers

get rid of hangovers

When you go to a party or to a small gathering after work, alcoholic beverages might be included. People have the tendency to drink alcohol in order to relax and feel free to be themselves. All of us did it. Some of us know when it is time to stop but others might exaggerate a bit. At least once in …

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