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The Side Effects of Poor Quality Sleep

side effects poor quality sleep

When you want to preserve your health, you know that you have to maintain a healthy life style. People are mainly thinking about their nutrition when they want to live a healthier lifestyle, but this is not everything. There are other things that should be changed when your intentions are to live longer and keep yourself from illnesses of all …

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The discrimination based on gender in South Korea

discrimination based on gender south korea

Since the oldest times, women had to face certain difficulties in their lives. They were never seen as equals to men. The peoples’ mentality did not change that much even if there were made tremendous efforts to prove that women can do all the things that a man can do. A woman was always seen as the person who must …

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Who is Michel Comte?

who is michel comte

Many celebrities are seen as untouchable people. Many of us do not consider them to be as we are. They are different in every way. This is one of the reasons why they become models for us. Everyone wants to dress like them, look like them and have all the things that they have. Some people love them and others …

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Winter season – let’s jog

winter season lets jog

When it is warm and pleasant outside, you are not afraid to practice sport activities outdoors. In fact this is a real pleasure. It is one of the cheapest and healthiest ways to preserve yourself fit and to release yourself of all the stress accumulated during a day. Everyone recommends outdoor activities and the most popular activity is jogging. No …

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The BAFTA awards 2019

BAFTA awards 2019

The season of film and television series awards seems that it had started. All these great film festivals are known, expected and watched worldwide. People are waiting to see the movie’ stars parade on the red carpet, to see the movie’ stars outfits, to see if their favorite movie won something and I could enumerate a wide number of other …

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Bermuda Triangle – Mystery or Not?

bermuda triangle mistery

The Bermuda Triangle was considered one of the most dangerous places, in this “triangle” there have been many shipwrecks and airplane crashes. The disappearances date back to 1945, on 5 December, when 5 planes disappeared during a military exercise, these planes were fully equipped and checked when they took off, but they never managed to get back. Not even the …

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The Philadelphia Experiment (aka The Rainbow Experiment)

the philadelphia experiment

Is teleportation possible? Since we were young, we liked cartoons and SF films where people were teleporting themselves from one place to another in a very short time. This fascinated us when we were young and often we even wanted to be able to teleport ourselves from one place to another, for example, from home to school. It seemed simple …

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The Benefits of Eating Soup

benefits eating soup

In the last years I see and hear everywhere that in order to maintain a good state of health you should hydrate yourself. Everyone is thinking about water and this is not wrong. In the hot summer days this thing comes naturally. When it comes about the cold season, you do not feel like drinking so much water. In the …

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What about Cooking at Home?

cooking at home

We are starting a new year, which means that you can start thinking about making some changes in your life. No matter if it is about a new home, or a new indoor décor, a new car, a new job or a new diet, you need to make some changes. If you are not in the mood of making drastic …

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How to Detect and Naturally Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease: 7 Expert Tips

Are you worried you or someone you love may develop Alzheimer’s disease? You are not alone. An international survey conducted in 2011 by the Harvard School of Public Health showed that Alzheimer’s disease is the second most feared disease, following closely after cancer. In fact, 25% of respondents said they feared it more than any other disease. Their concern seems …

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