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Pregnant at Age 40, 50 and Even 60? Here Are the Risks


Risk of Pregnancy by Ages Sure thing, being a mother is the best feeling in the world (or so claim the ones that do have a baby) and almost every woman on the planet wishes to be a mother sooner or later. Some want to become a mother sooner rather than later, but for others, being a mother is not …

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9 Ways Pregnancy Can Permanently Change Your Body


Are you pregnant, or have you recently given birth? Then your body is probably going through changes you never thought were possible. Some women accept and embrace these changes, but others panic and begin to worry about their health, or fear they would never regain their physical shape. Some changes are only temporary, but others may influence the rest of …

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Healthy And Safe Food For Your Baby


Shopping the right food for you and your family requires attention as well as a nutritionist’s advice. Greater attention should be paid when it comes to baby food. There are several factors on which what you choose to feed your baby depends. Your baby’s age, preferences, and doctor’s recommendations, all contribute to your baby food choices. Now, there are some …

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5 Important Things Women Forget to Do after Having a Baby


Have you just given birth to a beautiful baby? Congratulations! You’re probably thrilled to be able to hold your little miracle, and relieved that you no longer have to carry that huge belly with you everywhere, and put up with all those changes. At least that’s what you tell everyone. Between us, moms, you’re just as scared thinking of what’s …

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