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Smoking During Pregnancy – Real Risks

smoking during pregnancy

When you finally find out that you will have child of your own it will be the perfect time to make some changes in your life. Every woman dreams about this moment. Even the ones who might be taken by surprise by the recent news, feel something special and unexplainable when they first learn that they will be mothers. Even …

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Signs That You Will Have Stretch Marks After Birth

As pregnancy progresses, you think you will soon be able to keep your baby in your arms, but you cannot help worrying about stretch marks and postpartum. Here are the following signs that can tell you that you will stay with stretchers after birth. About stretch marks in pregnancy Many future moms notice a series of pink or red lines …

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Teen Pregnancies – A Reality

teen pregnancies

Many countries in this world face this specific phenomenon, namely the pregnancies at very early ages. No matter if we are talking about developed countries or not and no matter if the teenagers’ families are damaged or not such situations can happen. How to handle such situation? Which could be the risks for a teenager to get pregnant at such …

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Wooden Toys – Benefits for Young Children

wooden toys benefits for children

Although in most children’s homes, plastic toys are dominant (a reflection of the modern plastic-governed society), wooden toys are gaining more and more fans in our country. In the Nordic countries, wooden toys are very popular and appreciated for many years. Here are the benefits children have if they develop their imagination and sensory sensation with wooden toys, but also …

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Can You Eat Chocolate During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the time when you need to take the most of what you consume in order not to put your baby at risk. There are safe products in pregnancy, but others not allowed. Have you ever wondered where chocolate is? Find out how this can help you, but also how to consume chocolate! Some studies have shown that chocolate …

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Breast Cancer – Knowing Before it Could Happen

breast-cancer know before happen

Maintaining your health should be one of your main goals. One of the most terrible threats when it comes about illnesses is cancer. The fact that such a small percent of people survived this disease does not make us too positive about it. One of the most spread types of cancer is the breast cancer. Millions of women worldwide suffer …

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How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant?

Definitely, your chances of getting pregnant from having unprotected sex one time are relatively low. For example, in the case of regular unprotected sex contacts, within one month, the average probability of pregnancy is approximately between 15% and 20%. How to increase the chances of getting pregnant? Regularly unprotected sexual contacts within one year lead to the occurrence of pregnancy …

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5 Questions Every Woman Should Ask Her Gynecologist, ASAP

As embarrassing as some personal curiosities, it is extremely important to address some key questions to the gynecologist during regular routine check-ups. Misinformation is the greatest enemy of reproductive health, but also a frequent cause of the occurrence or worsening of various diseases. Here are 5 questions every woman should ask her gynecologist, ASAP. Each meeting with a specialist should …

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Breastfeeding May Lower Women’s Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke

Breastfeeding is the best and healthiest thing you can do for your baby. Ideal food, especially for the newborn, is breast milk. This is the most complete food, containing all the necessary nutrients, in an adequate proportion, adapted to the reduced digestive possibilities of the baby. Breastfeeding is the best way to feed your baby, satisfying all the nutritional needs …

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