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Three Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect?


You may be pregnant and not knowing yet. Or you just found out and you already calculating the possible birth date. So, maybe you’re three weeks pregnant: What to expect? When the fertilized ovule is implanted in the wall of the uterus, you may notice small bleeding. Do not worry, this is a proof of a successful implantation. Feeling tired, …

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Having a Baby: Birth Plans & Stages of Labor


Having a baby is maybe the most beautiful part of every woman’s life and every woman in this world should wish for delivering a beautiful healthy baby. Knowing exactly how your childbirth day will be, may be very helpful for you and your baby. Birth plans are one method to get yourself prepared and to schedule, alongside with the gynecologist, …

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Pregnancy A Benefit For Women With Bipolar Disorder?


Becoming a mother is one of the greatest and the most amazing feelings in the world for a woman. Her life turns upside down in a blink of an eye and everything starts to make sense for them. Every action of her will direct towards the baby’s life and wellbeing and her entire world will start to spin around the …

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How to lose weight after pregnancy


Weight loss methods after having baby When a woman feels complete? Some women will answer that when their careers are just as they intended to be from the beginning. Other will say that after they found the right man and he popped the question. Some consider that their wedding day as the best day of their lives when they felt …

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ADHD symptoms in children’s cases


What is ADHD? One of the childhood’s frequent diseases is the ADHD or the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, which is a very complex and complicated mental health disorder that very often can stand in the way of a kid’s success of school and their relationships with other kids, parents or loved ones. ADHD symptoms may vary from cases to cases, …

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Weekly meal planners for you and your baby


The most important thing you should take into consideration when thinking to apply for you and baby weekly meal planners is your baby’s age, your health state, and your baby’s health condition. Usually, until the age of 6 months, the babies should be exclusively fed with milk. Breast milk is the best choice for your baby, at least until he’s …

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The Best Ways to Lose Weight After Pregnancy


Losing weight has always been the most-discussed topic worldwide, especially by women after pregnancy. Changes through which the metabolism has passed during pregnancy and after birth are huge and they reflect on your body weight. Traditional ways to lose weight are not as effective as you might think at first and may even have the opposite effect. Try our best …

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Pregnancy and fetal development


There can be no happier moment than when you find out that you become a parent. Even if you feel like you are the happiest human being on Earth, you can suddenly find yourself overwhelmed with worries. How not to be worried when you think all changes that will occur in your life and the huge responsibility of parenthood? Any …

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Fast Food and Children’s Health


What does your kid crave more: pizza or hamburgers? I bet it isn’t a vegetable soup or salad, because most kids prefer fast food. It’s convenient for you as well. When you get home from work, all stressed up and tired, and with a lot on your mind, you surely don’t feel like cooking. Perhaps you will change your mind …

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The First 24 Hours with Your Baby


Have you just given birth or are you about to bring a tiny wonder into the world, but you don’t know what to expect on the first 24 hours? First of all, congratulations! No matter how tired and scared you may feel right now, with all the changes affecting your body and your life, you are strong, beautiful, and amazing, …

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