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What causes frequent urination syndrome?

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Our health is something we should all care about the most. A poor health status can interfere with all the things we must accomplish during the day but also with all the things that we should do during the night, namely getting the proper rest. This article will develop a very sensitive topic that can affect both genders.

No matter if you are a woman or a man you may have experienced once in your lifetime, or you are experiencing right now, frequent urination problems. As you may know this is a very unpleasant situation and you may not like the idea of not be able to control your bladder. This is the reason why you may be very interested to find out more things about what causes such disorders, what the most common symptoms are and how you can treat it, according with the reasons of its appearance.

Short description

To be more specific, when you feel the urge to urinate much more frequently than usual, and this disorder lasts for long periods of time, then you can say that you suffer of frequent urination syndrome. This should not be considered a disease. It can happen for several reasons. A wide consumption of liquids and not necessarily water can lead to a more frequent urination need. The alcohol drinks along with the ones that contain caffeine can have a diuretic effect. Also, during pregnancy you may go through such episodes when the bladder is squeezed by the increased uterus. These are situations, which you can find a logic explanation for, and you should not worry too much.

Symptoms of frequent urination

In case you cannot find any explanation then you should consider that you might suffer of some disease that can cause such problems. The most common disease can be the urinary infections, prostate hypertrophy or you are under some medication that can present this specific side effect. This does not mean that you cannot suffer of much serious diseases such as diabetes.

These problems can be observed at any age. You do not have to be old to experience such problems. Even a teenager can have them. Sometimes not only the frequent urination episodes will bother you. When you will also notice that your urine does not smell properly or when you also experience burns during the process you can certainly start to worry. The frequent urination need during the night is one of the most disturbing phases.

Mostly men suffer of this disorder but women are not spared either. Besides diabetes, you can also have a serious infection such as pyelonephritis. This is not something to joke with. You must request a medical checkup so you can avoid much serious situations such as kidney failure or even a septic shock.

Usually, when the main problem is your urinary tract, then the symptoms should be the following: abdominal pains; a changed color of the urine and a strange density; small bleedings in the urine, small or less small burn sensations during the urination process; bad smell; the impossibility to retain the urine in certain situations such as when you sneeze or when your cough, etc. There may be other symptoms more unusual than the ones already mentioned, such as allot of thirst, increased hunger, fever, unexplained weight gain or weight loss and sometimes you may also notice things like unpleasant vaginal leakages.

The untreated infections of the urinal tract can lead to severe problems. You may end up in a coma, in case you suffer of diabetes and you have no idea about it. You can also become infertile. Your kidneys may be damaged for good. You can have a blood infection also know as septicemia.

Causes of frequent urination

There can be a wide variety of causes, starting with the most complicated ones and ending with the most common types of causes that should not worry you that much. Some of them were already mentioned such as prostate hypertrophy. However, others should be mentioned as well. The bladder cancer, gonorrhea, hyperactive bladder syndrome, Perineal prolapse, birth and pregnancy, urinary incontinence and bladder lithiasis can cause the appearance of these symptoms.

Things like anxiety, cold temperatures exposure, excessive caffeine and alcohol consumption along with other things less dangerous for human’ health can make people experience these unpleasant situations.


If the appearance of frequent urination is not due to a certain disease then the doctors will recommend things like a changed diet from which you should exclude things like alcohol or coffee. Besides that, they will also recommend some Kegels exercises. These exercises will increase the strength of your pelvic muscles and they can be performed wherever you may be. In your office, while you drive or in any other place you can practice these exercises.

When it comes about nutrition, you will be asked to exclude all the foods that lead to constipation. If none of these things works then you should start thinking about asking your physician some proper medication to solve all these problems. In case the medication gives poor results as well, there is always a surgical solution available, even if it can be a very invasive type of solution.

Another type o treatment can be acupuncture. Even if it is not an allopath solution, your doctor will strongly recommend it. It seems that it can give great results. The Chinese medicine is very used worldwide due to its incredible and recognized effects on humans’ health.

Also reflex therapy can be a great choice and it can give fast and long term results. The natural types of treatments are not invasive in any way and they give your body the opportunity to find the cure inside itself. The herbal teas are a great option in case you do not have a serious disease that causes these frequent urination episodes. You will be prescribed to stop holding yourself when you feel the need to urinate. This is the biggest mistake people make. It is very important to empty your bladder regularly even if you do not feel the urge to do it.

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