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Cellphone Radiation Study Reignites Cancer Questions

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Cellphone Radiation Study Reignites Cancer Questions

Who can live without the mobile phone, nowadays? The wish to stay connected with friends and family on mobile internet or by phone makes you keep your mobile phone permanently next to you not to miss any call notification. But did you know that the mobile phone can affect your brain activity and metabolism and that a recent radiation study reignites cancer questions when it comes to mobile phones usage?

Mobile phone’s effects on metabolism and brain

Recent studies show that a 50 minutes phone conversation affects the glucose metabolism in the brain region that stood right next to the mobile phone antenna.

To remove this effect is sufficient to use headsets or hands-free and thus avoid direct contact with between your head and your mobile phone.

Previous studies have proven that a distance of 30 cm is sufficient to protect yourself from the mobile phone radiations.

Children and teenagers should be protected from radiation of a mobile phone. Special attention should be directed to children and adolescents because in their brains the nerve tissues are still developing.

Recent cellphone radiation study reignites cancer questions

Scientists have conducted several years ago epidemiological studies in this field but had no conclusive results to demonstrate a definitely link between cellphone radiation and brain tumors.

Though, in 2016 another study was concluded on the cellphone radiation case after 30 years of tests and analysis.

The study, conducted by scientists from The University of Sydney, Australia, included 34,000 subjects, both men, and women, who have been monitored since 1982.

In addition, it has been taken into account the worldwide statistic regarding the spread cellphones usage during this period of time.

If in 1993 less than 10% of subjects were using a cell phone, by the end of the study no less than 95% of the subjects were using such a gadget.

The only segment of age in which was observed an increased incidence of brain cancer is above 70 years of age segment. The men seemed to be more affected than the women. But this trend has been present since the beginning of the study, so these cases can not be related to cellphone radiations.

Scientists verdict was that no connection could be found between multiplication of the brain cancer cases and cellphones radiations.

That been said, the scientist that conducted this study somehow eliminates any suspicion and alarmist statement that cellphones radiations may produce brain cancer.

One of these suspicions claimed that the risk of brain cancer increases three times if the mobile phone is used more than 15 hours per month, a fact that was statistically abolished by the study, but doesn’t mean that a lifetime of using cellphone can’t affect our brains in different ways.

Since the cellphones came relatively recently in our lives, it will take most likely, years of research to be uncovered possible links between the cellphones usage and cancer.

How to protect yourself from mobile phone radiation

It’s true that it’s better to prevent than to treat. Even if the cellphones negative effects are not yet clear proven, you can get protection from cellphone radiation by following some very simple tips.

Keep your phone away from the head and body as much as possible. When you sleep, keep it at least at 15 inches away from you and don’t keep it under the pillow, under no circumstances.

When you call someone, do not immediately put the phone by your ear. Approaching it only after responding. Immediately after dialing the number, the phone emits the most of the radiations. Some studies have shown that it is better to keep your cellphone by your left ear during a call.

Get used with hands-free when it is possible, or simply try to talk on speaker mode. The more you are away from the phone, the smaller is the risk of being irradiated by your cellphone. Hands-free are a cheap and convenient solution, freeing your hands and giving you the opportunity to take care of something else while talking on the phone.

Keep the cell phone down. Do not cover it with your hands and so limiting its ability to emit and receive signals. In this case, the radiation intensity increases since the phone is sending stronger impulses trying to receive a good signal. So let your cellphone operate at the lowest levels of radiation.

Find the best signal area. When your phone has a good signal, it reduces the power of radiations. As the signal is bad, the radiations increase in order to make the cellphone function correctly. Avoid talking while you’re on the subway or in an elevator. Try to stay near the phone box to provide the best reception.

Do not talk on the phone longer than necessary. It is clear that keeping your cellphone in the proximity of your head increases the risk of being affected by the cellphone radiations, so cut unnecessary conversations, gather your friends in a coffee lounge, relax, and enjoy the moments spent together, face to face, not over the phone.

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