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CellUnlocker Reviews

Diane Luke
Senior Editor, TipsHire

Unlock your phone by e-mail. Fully automated.

How to Unlock Your Phone

Nowadays, switching from one GSM carrier to another is a very common thing but in order for your phone to read the new SIM-card it should be never-locked or unlocked.  Well, your favorite locked phone is the biggest hick-up when you’re trying to switch to a new mobile carrier which offers a better service at a lower price than your actually paying.

Never-locked phones are usually those bought directly from their producers’ store, without involving the sign up for a GSM carrier’s services.

Usually, any GSM carrier is locking every phone it sells in order to restrict the user to use a SIM-card from another carrier with the phone bought from it.

The explication is quite simple. A GSM carrier is offering you a specific service for a monthly fee, and, additionally, it is also offering you a mobile phone at a special price, or even for free. As a measure of guarantee, your GSM carrier is locking your phone to make it harder for you to use that specific phone with another GSM carrier.

Therefore, your only choice is to unlock your phone in order to use it with another carrier’s SIM-card.

What is cellunlocker.net?

Cellunlocker.net is a website that states to be the most effective fully automated system dedicated for anyone who want to have an unlocked phone in order to use it with any GSM carrier.

According to its landing page, cellunlocker.net claims to be effective in 99% of the unlocking cases of the major mobile phones producers, therefore being the most effective phone-unlocking website in the online environment.

Cellunlocker.net, based in British Columbia, Canada, guarantees that it’s effective for any phone produced by Samsung, Apple, HTC, Nokia, LG, Motorola, Asus, Acer, ZTE, or Blackberry, but some other manufacturers may be accepted upon users requests.

Their services are claimed to work in over 180 countries from every corner of the world, using the well-known PayPal as the payment service.

How CellUnlocker Works?

When trying to unlock your phone via cellunlocker.net, the first stage is to check if the website supplies the unlocking codes for your exact phone producer and version.

After you’ve found your phone producer and model in the cellunlocker.net’s, simply pick the GSM carrier and the country, as well as your phone’s IMEI number.

The IMEI serial can be acquired dialing to *#06# or it can be found on the phone’s box, or in the contract with the carrier.

As soon as this details have been obtained and properly introduced in the wensite interface, the users will be redirected to the last web page, which it is, in fact, the last stage of the unlocking process.

This last stage describes the cost rate and the approximated reply time.

After all that and when the payment details have been successfully sent, the cellunlocker.net website’s admins will certainly email you with the unlock code and also will offer you unlocking guidelines specific for the phone’s producer and model, carrier, and the IMEI number supplied at checkou.

Possible clients need to remember that if a certain GSM provider is not listed under their country and also under the phone model, the unlock codes may not function properly, so you shouldn’t place an order.

The cellunlocker.net website will process the order, though no reimbursements will be provided.

On the other hand, if a certain GSM provider is wrongly listed on the site under your country and also under the phone model, cellunlocker.net will admit their fault and reverse the payment, so you’ll not lose any money.

CellUnlocker Pricing

Cellunclocker.net is not offering a flat pricing for its unlocking solutions, which could differ relying on the phone’s model, mobile provider, or the country where a client resides in.

For example, unlocking a US iPhone 5 locked by AT&T costs $29.99, while the same phone locked by Verizon could be unlocked for $119.99.

CellUnlocker Pros

  • States to be capable to unlock 99% of the significant carriers’ phones, from 180 countries all around the world
  • Unlocking codes works with 95% precision
  • Ordering and payment procedure are quick and straightforward, having PayPal as the payment processor
  • If unlocking codes do not function upon cellunlocker.net’s fault, clients are eligible for a total refund

CellUnlocker Cons

  • No more unlocking solutions for US-based carriers and phones bought after January 2013
  • Hard refunding – which is not easily visible on the site is that for a trouble-less reimbursment for not-functioning unlocking codes you should video-record your unlocking procedure

Users’ opinions on cellunlocker.net

Cellunlocker.net’s clients have mixed opinions regarding the unlocking services this website is providing.

Around 50% of the clients surveyed on the quality of this service stated that cellunlocker.net is the best service for unlocking phones, while the other 50% of the surveyed clients stated that they were not able to fulfill the whole procedure to unlock their phones and they couldn’t be able to get a total refund of the paid money.

The bottom line for cellunlocker.com

Taking into consideration the cellunlocker.net client’s opinions, my conclusion is that you should be careful when choosing to use this service in order to unlock your phone to be able to use a SIM-card from another mobile carrier.

When unlocking a phone using its unlocking code given via a website like cellunlocker.net you should be 100% positive that you are totally aware of the procedure that you have to follow in order to successfully unlock your phone.

Otherwise, you should opt for asking a professional to unlock your phone, instead of trying to do it yourself. There are hundreds of GSM repair and unlocking shops in every area of this world, so going for a professional unlocking can keep you safe from a complicated procedure that might end-up very bad for your phone.

Additionally, the way they handle the refund policy looks like scam. You should video-record your unlocking procedure in order to prove the fact that the unlokcing code offered by cellunlocker.net is not working, without being your fault.

My conclusion is that you should be very sure that you know what to do in order to unlock your phone using the cellunlocker.net’s provided unlocking codes, so, in my opinion, this service is not for noobies in phones’ operating systems, regardless of their producers, Apple, BlackBerry, Google, or others.

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