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How to Choose Right Crib for your Baby?

Diane Luke
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Choosing the right crib for your baby is a happy moment for every parent in the world. By now, you should know the sex of your future baby, so you can choose the right colors depending on that. Besides, the bed is probably the most important piece of the baby's crib. Keep reading and find what how to choose right crib for your baby.

What about the right color?


Blue is one of the most popular color options. Blue is peaceful and has a soothing effect. This color can slow pulse and decrease the body temperature.

Blue is a good color for bedrooms or bathrooms, but it is not suitable for living rooms.

A child in a blue room will play alone, in silence, and will be very satisfied. If there are more children in a blue room, it is possible that they get along very well without conflicts.

In a bedroom, blue can be soothing and can help the child to have a good sleep in the afternoon.

Studies have shown that people are more productive when they work in blue rooms. So blue room might help the child when studying or playing an instrument.


Green is good for relaxation and it means rejuvenation or rebirth. In a green room, the child will feel energized and will wake up faster in the morning. Also, green walls will help your child to calm down and be less anxious.

Green is the color of cheerfulness and peace and is also a refreshing color.

Remember that you should avoid for as much as possible using darker green colors and if you use them, be sure to be in combination with other colors, preferably hot or neutral.

Because green is a calming color, it is a very popular choice for bedrooms, and because it may be associated with summer colors, vegetables, and some fruits color, you can use green in the kitchen and dining rooms, too.


Orange is a vibrant color, full of energy. Should be used carefully and in under no circumstances paint all the four room's walls in that color. If you want your bedroom to be restful and soothing do not use orange as the main color in the child's sleeping space.

Orange is the color of happiness.


Red speaks of energy and enthusiasm raises blood pressure and makes the heart beat faster. Red is the color most energetic and the most interesting. Red is a color vibrant living electrifying. If you choose to paint your child's bedroom in red, color experts say there is a good choice for the bedroom you need a calm and relaxing environment. Red room red mean imprudence and can affect the child's temperament.

Because red is associated with desire and passion, it is the perfect color for dining rooms and bedrooms for adults, but it is a bad choice for a child's bedroom.


Pink is a color derived from red, but detrimental effects. Pink is one of the most calming colors. Pink is a popular color for girls rooms. And if you want to create in her room a quiet, calm, then pink is a good choice.


Yellow is a color that is widely used inside. Similar to the sun color, yellow color spread happiness, hope, and optimism. Studies show that when the eye sees the yellow color, the brain releases more serotonin. Yellow exudes positive psychological vibrations.

Yellow can also awaken the creative part of your child.

In conclusion, yellow seems to be a good choice for your baby's bedroom, even if there are some experts who say that children may cry more in rooms painted in yellow and lose their temper more easily. The best thing would be to not paint the all the walls in yellow. For example, the ceiling could be green. Thus, when resting in bed, your baby will see a calm and restful color.


Purple is a difficult color to use for babies but it is preferred by teenagers. Purple is likely to provide comfort if the owner likes this color. This color has proven power to enhance creativity.


Psychology specialists say that parents should give up black because it can be depressing.


A clear white room is peaceful and looks much bigger than it is.

Choosing colors in your baby's room can affect his temperament, his sleep, and how he plays. So, it does not hurt to have in mind the psychology of color.

Whatever your choice is, you have to think that no one will stay in your home more than your family. So you have to keep in mind the preferences of your family members.

How to choose Right Crib for your Baby?

The most important criterion that you should consider when choosing a bed for your baby is safety. That's because, among all babies' care products, babies' beds are the main reason for most accidents. So, thoroughly study the crib you want to acquire.

As a general rule, baby furniture is advisable to have rounded corners and smooth edges without burrs that may injure the child. The baby bed has to be stable, and without any parts that could accidentally detach.

If you focus on a bed that has vertical bars you should check them to be intact and solid and that the distance between two bars is not bigger than 1.5 inches, in order to be impossible for the baby to get his head between those bars.

If the crib has wheels don't forget to lock the wheels or putting on the breaks, because usually, all the cribs with wheels have broken on each wheel in par.

Crib with metal wheels is more recommended than those with plastic wheels because are safer. A crib with wheels is useful when you want to move it from one room to another or vacuum clean underneath.

If buying a used baby bed or willing to use your older kid's baby bed you can repaint it only with organic paints or water-based paints.

The baby's crib should not be painted with paints that might contain toxic substances for the baby

The mattress must perfectly match bed's frames. If smaller, the baby can slip between the bed frame and the mattress. If it is too large it will not fit in the crib.

In addition, the mattress must stay taut.

Hypoallergenic foam mattress for the crib can be used from birth and gives a correct position during sleep, stimulating the normal development of the baby's spine.

Thoroughly check the crib for any defect, such as cracks, smashed corners, loose wood chips, skipped paint, damaged wheels, or damaged covers.

Where should you put the baby's crib?

Baby's crib should be placed away from the window, curtains, or furniture, to not allow the baby to hang or pull anything that might harm him or that might be life-threatening.

Once purchased, assemble the crib in the room where you want the baby to stay. In the first months of life, it is recommended to place the baby's crib in your room or in a room in which at least one parents can sleep next to the baby, therefore, you can keep an eye on your baby during nights.

How to choose right crib for your baby is a matter of taste, safe, and utility. The tips on choosing the right crib for babies depicted above are hopefully giving you a starting point.

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