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Christmas all Around the World

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christmas around the world

Christmas in Japan

Although only 1% of the Japanese population believe in Jesus Christ, they all celebrate Christmas. But they do not spend time with family members during Christmas, but try to help others, and those in hospitals. For them, Christmas is not a religious holiday, they celebrate more New Year’s Eve than Christmas. Although for them it is not a very big feast, their schools are closed from 23 to 25 December. The traditional Christmas food is a cake decorated with trees, flowers and a figure of Santa Claus. 

Christmas in India

People in India do not decorate Christmas tree, but trees like banana or mango. They have the habit of lighting small burning clay lamps and putting them on the roof of their homes so that others can see that Jesus is the light of the world. They also decorate their churches with red flowers, just like the others, they have the habit of giving gifts to their loved ones.

In India, Father Christmas is the one who delivers the gifts to children, it has several names, for example:”Christmas Baba” in Hindi, “Christmas Thaathaa” in Tamil,”Natal Bua” in Marathi and many other versions.  

Christmas in Egypt

In Egypt, Christmas is not celebrated on December 25th, but on 7th January. Their tradition is to go on Christmas Eve to the church, wearing new clothes, the mass ends at midnight with the bells of the church.

From 25 November to 6 January, they have a special fast where they eat only vegan food, this is called “The HolyBirth Fast”. After they leave the church, they go home to eat various foods, they can eat whatever they could not during the fast.

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Christmas all Around the World
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