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Christmas all Around the World

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christmas around the world

Here, Santa is called Baba Noël, people say he is climbing to every kid’s window and will leave a present.  

Christmas in China

As in any other country, children are the ones who enjoy most of this holiday. In China, children decorate the Christmas tree with all sorts of ornaments, generally made of paper, the decorations getting different shapes, so as to fit the tradition. The tradition of giving gifts is also respected in China. Here, Santa is called “Shen Dan LaoRen”, the children usually decorates their Christmas tree with paper chains, paper flowers, and paper lanterns. The “Jingle Bells” is also known in China, and going to the midnight mass service has become very popular.  

Christmas in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, Christmas begins in November. The most important day in the Netherlands is 5th December, when Saint Nicholas brings gifts to all the good children. In this part of the country,Santa Claus is known as Sinterklaas, they say that he  lives in Madrid, and every year he choose sanother harbor in the Netherlands where he will stop, so all the children will have the chance to see him. Sinterklaas does not work alone, he visits each city with his friend, Black Peter.

When they arrive in a city, the bells of the churches resound to celebrate the arrival of the two. Sinterklaas visits the cities of the Netherlands on his white horse, in each city he has a few helpers, each helper is dressed the same as Sinterklaas, in red robes. The tradition says that Sinterklaas has a big book in which he notes every bad thing that was made by the children, good children will receive gifts and the bad ones will be taken to Spain for a year to learn how to behave. 

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Christmas all Around the World
Ah! Christmas, that time of the year when everybody is happy, the spirit of the holidays warms up the heart of each of us, people decorating the Christmas tree, decorating the house with a multitude of lights and ornaments, and parents who prepare a lot of goodies.
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