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Christmas all Around the World

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christmas around the world

Christmas in Russia

In Russia, there is no Santa Claus, the character who offers gifts to the good ones is called Babushka. Babushka means”Grandmother”. The legend says that she refused to go see Jesus, she later regretted this, so now she brings gifts to good kids, she goes to every house hoping to find Jesus. However, this legend is only known by those in Europe and the US, those in Russia do not use this version of the story.

Christmas is celebrated on January 7, only a few people celebrate on December 25th. Grandfather Frost ‘(known in Russianas’ Ded Moroz’) is the one who brings gifts to the good kids, he is always accompanied by his Granddaughter (Snegurochka). Ded Moroz carries a big magic staff all the time, on their arrival, the lights on the Christmas tree light up.  

All across the world,  there are different traditions for this celebration (Besides those mentioned above):

– In Estonia there is a tradition that every person needs to relax in the sauna

– Ukrainians use spider web as decorations.

– In Poland, nothing is served on the festive Christmas table until the first star in the sky appears. 

Traditions and customs are vast, but everything that matters is that for Christmas, we spend time with our family and friends. These are just a few of the Christmas traditions in countries where this feast is not very well known or is different from the countries where Christmas is celebrated regularly.

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Christmas all Around the World
Ah! Christmas, that time of the year when everybody is happy, the spirit of the holidays warms up the heart of each of us, people decorating the Christmas tree, decorating the house with a multitude of lights and ornaments, and parents who prepare a lot of goodies.
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