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Clever Chef Multi-Cooker – A Good Investment or Not?

Aura S
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clever chef multi cooker review

Cooking at home

When you intend to cook your own meals, you know that you must dedicate some part of your spare time in order to satisfy your wishes.
These days, people are so busy that they cannot find any spare time.

We all want to live healthier lives and eat better, but we end up ordering our food from various providers because it is easier this way. In order to solve this issue, the kitchen devices manufacturers came with a great and innovating idea, namely the multi functions cookers.

In the following rows of this article I will talk about one of these miraculous machines. Could the Clever Chef Multi-Cooker be a good investment or not?

Clever Chef Multi-Cooker features

The main purpose of these cookers is to replace other appliances that you might have in your kitchen. From this point of view, Clever Chef Multi-Cooker is able to do this thing.

Besides replacing these appliances it can also make things easier for you. At least this is what its manufacturer suggests.

When it comes about Clever Chef Multi Cooker, you will benefit of this great advantage of changing your way of cooking completely. Throw all the ingredients in just one place and they will cook by themselves while you could do anything else.

It comes with 14 ways of cooking from which you can choose in order to get your meals done. No matter if you want to cook rice, bake bread, roast a stake or cook pasta, all you have to do is choose the proper program that comes with the right cooking temperature.

Usually, Clever Chef Multi Cooker is used when you want to cook well, fast and with minimum of effort. However, if you want to prepare a dish that requires slow cooking technique, this is the appliance that you need, because it is also gifted with this program.

Even if each function available has a predefined cooking temperature, you can adjust that manually if you wish. You have a delay timer and other features as well such as warming your dish and a “retain moisture” function.

Clever Chef Multi-Cooker pros and cons

It is a great device and as I said it could replace a multitude of other appliances that you might already own. However, the main issue is its size.

The design of the machine is a bit bulky and you need a wide countertop to place it on. Even if its size is big, some customers complained that it cannot replace big frying pans or other pots in which they could’ve cooked wider quantities of food.

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