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Clevergiver – A Smart Way to Shop and Earn

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About Clevergiver

These days more people choose to shop online. This is a more comfortable choice considering the busy schedules and the crowded stores.

What if we could find a wide variety of brands from which we could make our purchases in just one place?

In the following rows of this article I decided to write about Clevergiver online platform. You will be able to find out many interesting things that will tempt you to try it.

Its name might not suggest its complete purpose and this is the reason why I will develop a bit the topic.

Therefore, if you want to know more details about Clevergiver and how it works you should continue your reading session.

What is Clevergiver?

As I already said, this is not an online store or something similar with that. It is a platform from which you can shop, earn and give.

The main purpose when this platform was founded was to help fundraising activities. Its founders found a great way of combining the shopping activity with the fundraising activity.

Through their platform, they created the possibility to its users to shop whatever they like and allow them to contribute to different types of organizations, which they might prefer.

Even if there are two types of activities mentioned here, in fact it will be just one. Another great feature of this platform is that you do not have to pay extra money to do both things.

The owners of the platform considered all types of shoppers. This is the main reason why you can have access to important brands such as The Home Depot store, Walgreens, Walmart, Bass Pro and other 3,000 brands.

On this platform you will also have access to make your donations for 1,000,000 nonprofit organizations.

How does it work?

If you will visit the website, you will see that for each purchase made you will get a cash-back. You have two possibilities.

You can donate the dollars saved or you can just cash them out. In case you do decide to donate them, you can offer your financial support to 3 nonprofit organizations in the same time.

Clevergiver platform is not an opportunity juts for shoppers. You might have your own nonprofit organization.

In this case, Clevergiver gives you a great opportunity. You should register yourself and if you already have people to support your cause, you could give them the hint to make their purchase using it.

When they make their purchase, before that, they must choose a nonprofit organization. Once they do that and make their purchases through this platform, the designed percentage of their earned funds will be directed to your organization.

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