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Codecademy Reviews

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Learn how to code with this free online interactive platform. Be it Java, Python, Ruby, HTML, you name it, Codecademy got you covered, or at least, they claim to! 

About Codecademy

Codecademy might be the ideal choice for a perfect newbie in the coding word, but not only! The company that launched in august 2011 is currently headquartered in New York City, U.S.A., and it was founded by Zach Sims and Ryan Bubinski.

The coding platform offers courses in 12 programming languages such as: Java, HTML, Ruby, Python, PHP, SQL, Sass, as well as markup languages such as HTML and CSS as well. Although the site was built with the intention of offering free courses, thing which still does nowadays, Codecademy has also implemented a paid version of its courses, which offers personalized courses and live feedback from users among others.

Codecademy raised funds through ventures such as Index Ventures and Bloomerang Beta. In 2014, thanks to the partnership with the White House, Codecademy host meetups for more than 600 students from poor backgrounds over a one-year period.

Codecademy is based off of user-generated content, which means that all the existing courses on their platform are designed to meet most of the future programmers and coders’ needs, in terms of acquiring new skills that would help them in their future career or even at their current jobs.

In addition to programming languages, Codecademy offers courses for learning GIT and command line as well. The platform claims to have over 25 million users, as of January 2016. Codecademy was a member of Computer Science Education Week, where it launched an iOS app, ”Hour of Code”, which has the same basic content they offer on the website.

How Codecademy Works

As we have already mentioned, Codecademy is free of charge (unless you want personalized courses and live feedback from users, among others), and the first thing to do is, of course, create an account. You will then access the library of courses and just pick out the one you wish to study, or the one you’re interested in as a hobby, why not? You can also select the level, based on your own knowledge, beginners, intermediate or even advanced, if you think that you master well enough the subject you chose.

The next step after selecting your subject of study as well as the level corresponding to your own capacities, you will then be redirected to a page with instructions, where you will be able to create your own glossary, to write codes and also show a live demonstration of your work. By doing so, you will be able to interact with other users and consult with them regarding any doubt that you may have when trying to learn a new thing or understand an older concept that you were perhaps already familiar with.

All in all, this interactivity is the main reason why Codecademy became so well known and somewhat famous among people passionate about coding and programming. And although the existing materials on the platform lack audio and video support, some users still prefer it to other competitors such as Lynda.com or others.

While working on an exercise, or even before you start working on it and even at the end, you will be able to receive feedback from other users in the form of questions and answers. You can also provide answers for other users in need of help, if you feel like it. That way, the community of Codecademy keeps growing and everyone learns from everyone, which seems like the perfect way to achieve success.

As many other platforms, you can receive a badge of achievement, which will be visible next to your username, for all the others to see or just for your own personal pride. The badge system is nice, as it encourages you to push further so you can finish up a course and learn something out of it in the process while having fun at the same time. Because learning anything, even something as coding or programming, which, let’s face it, are not considered by outsiders the easiest things to learn, must be as fun and as interactive as possible to be able to get it done without feeling like giving up halfway through.

The reason why Codecademy claims to have the best learning content is the fact that most of the courses on the platform are also personal contributions of the active users.This is done to perfect the art of studying, and as we previously said, to make the learning process as fun and as interactive as possible. Of course, experts in the field of coding and programming languages are perfecting the courses and thus creating the most suitable and comprehensible content for users to achieve their goal in mastering the art of coding and programming.

You might be wondering why Codecademy doesn’t charge for most of the existing content on their platform. The answer is much simpler than you might have thought. Having a lot of ventures investing (like the ones mentioned at the beginning of the article) allows them to not charge for any service and they also do not request donations of any kind and in any form.

You already know, as we mentioned this aspect earlier that if you would like a very customized version of the course or courses you are currently taking, as well as live feedback from users and experts in the domain, you are required to pay $19.99 per month for the so-called Codecademy Pro. Of course, you can still sign up or maintain your current account as free, because Codecademy claims that the quality of the content is not by any means affected by the status of your account. Also, as pe codecademy.com, if you are not satisfied, for any reason, by the premium services, you can cancel your subscription and request a refund within 14 days, no questions asked. According to their website, the Codecademy Pro version offers the following:

  • A Personalized Learning Plan – This will help you keep track of your progress and also add courses as you progress, in case you’re interested in learning more than just one thing.
  • Access to Quizzes – They allow you to test what you’ve learned so far and let you decide whether or not there is some room left for improvement.
  • Real World Projects – Your are given projects to work on and test your skills at programming; this is a great way to put into practice what you have learned.
  • Live Help From Advisors – get assistance from skilled coders through live chat about any issue that you may encounter.

It is up to you, whether you decide that you may need an extra push in your journey of learning the mysteries of coding or not. Regardless of your choice, there still seem to be a very good and varied selection of courses to choose from, where you can very well learn something very useful even by yourself and only in your spare time.

Their Mission

Codecademy consider themselves an educational company, but not in the traditional kind of way. They would rather use alternative methods to get people to learn something new (in this case, how to code in different programming languages). According to their website, Codecademy uses cues from Facebook and Zynga, two of the most popular social platforms, in order to create an engaging educational experience, totally different to the one you find in normal classes at your typical school. In fact, they claim that this might be the future of education, as long as schools don’t start offering these types of online classes as well, thing which is most unlikely to happen, at least, not in the near future anyway.

Regarding the user’s’ rating, Codecademy has mostly received positive reviews. There were no known complaints regarding the use of their services whatsoever. This gives the company some huge points in trust and makes it among the first choices for all the future programmers out there.

Codecademy may be a truly reliable source for all of you out there who wish to pursue a career in programming or even learn how to code as a hobby, or because you would like to be able to develop mobile applications in the future. This field is ever growing, so in this particular spectre, the future seems bright. Codecademy can help you achieve that important step, that necessary push in order to start up your career or even improve your curriculum vitae. An extra skill never hurts to have and everyone knows that nowadays.

Let us now recap the main advantages of Codecademy, that way you can decide for yourself whether you want to test it out or not. But you couldn’t possibly refuse as the service is mainly for free. So, we start by restating that the platform offers courses for learning how to code in 12 different programming languages, which we already specified at the very beginning of this article.

That is a great selection, if you ask us, and is also a necessary feature to have because in the world of programming, there cannot be only one programming language, just as in the real world people don’t rely solely on one language for communication. And that is the beauty of things in everything, diversity. Every language has a purpose in the coding world.

Some may be for building websites, while others for developing applications or even write computer programs and developing operating systems. Another advantage is that signing up is completely free and you can also choose from the selection of courser anything you would like to take up, free of charge as well. Codecademy keeps the majority of their content free of charge and the quality is at the level of a paid service.

However, if you like personalized courses as well as other additions to what they already offer, you can buy a premium plan if you think that you want to take your coding studies one step ahead. Keep in mind that they don’t pressure you to do so, and you even have the possibility to request a refund within 14 days in order to get your account back to free and also receive your money back.

There wouldn’t be much left to be said about Codecademy, other than we consider it to be a great learning opportunity for the newbie programmes out there, but also for the already familiar with this field. It is never too late to learn something new or even refresh the knowledge you already had. Like everything, programming languages change slightly with the passing of time, and to be able to be on the same page with future generations of computer people, you have to brush up on your coding skills.

As a final conclusion, Codecademy is as useful  as a second degree, if you want. Because the world revolves around the internet in the 21st century, we have to adapt our lives, jobs and everything to it. Falling behind the technology is not very useful for us, so we better muster up the courage and enter the world of coding. This is just to see how the magic of the internet is created. You get to know how programms, phone apps, operating systems come to be, which is not bad at all.

Codecademy can help you achieve that. Of course, there are also other options available out there, and not everyone is passionate or even interested in programming stuff, but let’s face it, this particular field also brings great financial satisfaction and that never hurt anybody, so it wouldn’t hurt you for even giving a shot to it, especially if you can get away it for free! There are other courses available on the market which cost an arm and a leg, and a freshly graduate student cannot actually afford that, unless it’s the heir to a big conglomerate or something like that.

Your decisions taken today may affect in some way or even completely decide your entire future, so choose wisely!

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