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Coffee Meets Bagel Reviews

Aura S
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When you are lonely and it seems that you cannot find a boyfriend or a girlfriend, things could become a little bit complicated. When you passed your teenage and most all your friends got hooked with someone, it is a bit depressing to never have someone beside you. We are not built to live alone. We need someone to share all our happy moments, or sad moments or to at least we need someone to fight with.

These days people have less and less spare time to meet someone. Having a relationship with a coworker might be a bad idea, especially if it ends bad. Another idea might to meet someone online? Is this safe? In some situations it was proven that it was not safe enough. The matrimonial agencies could be a solutions as well but their services could cost you quite much and still they cannot check entirely the a person’ background.

What about Coffee Meets Bagel website? Have you heard about it? In case you didn’t in the following rows of this article I will tell you a few things about how they work and also about what the people who requested its services feel about the results.

What is this website all about?

When you are single and this situation is for quite some time now, you might not trust yourself enough to start dating again. Also, when you have been in a long relationship and you just ended it, you might feel a bit embarrassed to date new people. This is something that all people go through no matter their gender. As I said, we are not built to live alone.

This website promises us to regain our trust when it comes about dating other people again. It is not just a matrimonial website where you go to a date with someone you never know or with someone, you do not know anything about. It is a friend of a friend website. It is connecting you with Facebook friends of your own Facebook friends. This means that you could check their background somehow. They owners of this website are also saying that they offer to women the opportunity of meeting men who really want a relationship in the real sense of the word. They give women the possibility to be in much more control of their dating experiences than other sites do.

How does it work?

Everything starts when men who are registered on this website will receive a wide variety of matches’ choices each day. What they have to do? All they need to do is press the like button or the pass button. According with their choices the website will send to all women registered on this website, potential matches. The women have now the opportunity to choose exactly with whom to go in a date. As you can see this is not a blind date because the men already gave their approval and the women who chose them already have seen their faces and their profiles.

Considering the fact that this is a “friend of a friend” website the persons who you are about to meet in private might be more familiar to you.

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