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How to Complain about School or University?

Diane Luke
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School and university are parts of the educational system, having a huge involvement in the development of people. School is covering all the important educational details from learning how to write and read to accumulating important knowledge on different subjects and developing the general knowledge. University is one of the final steps of the educational system, and it is created to specialize students in their preferred areas. However, under some circumstances, issues might arise and you, the parent or the student, feel the need of complaining. How to complain about school and university?

How to complain about school?

Usually, parents are those complaining in the name of their kids when these attend school courses, simply because during school kids are minors.

The simple situations may be resolved by simply talking with the teachers, via phone or face-to-face, but in more serious situations, the parents should place their complaints to the directors' board of the school.

When simple issues occur and a simple talk with the teachers can solve the situations, parents should adopt a friendly tone, trying to present all the details of the problem. In most cases, simple issues will be solved this way.

When more complex problems occur and teachers are not having the authority of solving such issues or are directly involved in the problem, the parents should send their complaints to a higher authority, such as the directors' board of the school.

How to make a complaint to a State school or a Private school:

  • Every school has its own complaining system – you should contact the school's leaders via phone, first.
  • Send a letter or email to the head teacher.
  • Send a letter to the directors' board of the school.

If none of these solves your problem, complain in writing directly to the Department of Education.

How to make a complaint to a Special-needs School:

  • Contact special-needs school's coordinator and try resolving the situation this way.
  • Respect the special-needs school's complaint methodology.

If you can't solve the issues these ways, take complain further to the local authority.

How to complain about the university?

Unpleasant situations may occur during University courses, too. Only that, now the students are the only ones who can complain about different issues that might occur.

The university complaining scheme is more or less similar to every university:

  • Learn about your university's complaint policy.
  • Check your university's students' rights.
  • Give as many details as possible.
  • Gather proofs and/or witnesses' statements.
  • Send in your formal complaint to your university's complaints authority.
  • If the situation is not resolved, send your complaint to higher authorities of your university.

However, minor issues can be solved by simply talking with the involved ones, even if its a professor or other member of the university's staff.

If discussions don't reach a resolution, you have to make a formal complaint in writing. Explaining your situation as detailed as possible in your formal letter and offering the way you want your complaint to be resolved, may bring some resolution to your situation.


Complaints about school and university can be solved by only talking with the parties involved in your issue. However, if this is not offering a resolution to your problem, completing a formal complaint, in writing, to the leading authorities of the school or university will most definitely solve your issue.

How to complain about school or university? There are only a few guidelines to follow. When trying to solve the issue informally, your language should adopt a friendly tone and you should give as many details as possible. When formally trying to solve your problem, you should respect the formal letters guidelines. Additionally, when trying to send your complaints in formal writing, you should respect the school's or university's complaints policy, give as many details as possible and you should send your complaints to the school's and university's authorities involved in resolving complaints.

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