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Should We Control Our Sodium Intake?

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I have personally saw many commercials where is mentioned that we should not make an abuse related to our daily Sodium intake. Why did Sodium become such an enemy to our health?


How much Sodium should we include in our alimentation so we can stay healthy? What too much Sodium can do to us? What could do to our health a smaller Sodium intake than the one we really need? These are a few questions, which we will try to find the answer to. In the following rows of this article, I will try to develop this topic so I can make things clearer for you. After reading it, you will draw your own conclusions and decisions related to your daily Sodium intake.

Why this panic?

Besides knowing that Sodium can be bad for our health we also know that salt can make things taste much better. These warnings showed up in the past few years. Why people were not warned before that? This question has an easy answer. The latest researches showed up the effects of excessive Sodium to our health status. Any research requires some time.

There are studies made on a wide variety of subjects. You cannot release on the market a theory that is not based on real facts. Once certain diseases seemed to be more frequent than others were and the population was very much affected the researchers tried to find the reasons why these things happen so they can eliminate the cause. Some of the most frequent deadly diseases in the United States and not only here seem to be high blood pressure issues, heart diseases which can be fatal along with strokes.

After these researches were made one of the causes seems to be the wide consumption of sodium. Do I believe in these studies? This is not about me, but I prefer to preserve some reservations regarding these studies’ accuracy.

Why do we need Sodium?

We need Sodium because it gives us the proper balance. Not to us directly but when it comes about cellular fluids’ balance, Sodium is more than required. Most people already know that many aliments and I mean vegetables, fruits and meat, already contain sodium. This is a very natural way to absorb it. The problem is that our bodies might need a bit more and this is the reason why the popular salt was created. When we are talking about salt, we will not talk just about sodium. Salt is composed from chloride and sodium and the first one mentioned has a bigger percentage.

Sodium can also help our nerve transmission or other things such as the muscular contraction due to its electrical feature. I have also heard people saying that they do not consume salty dishes because they might retain too much water. This is true. Sodium has this property. This is one of the reasons why these studies considered that sodium could lead to high blood pressure. However, sodium or salt intake can cause mild blood pressure issues. This means that you should not take things in tragic if you do not have such problems already. If you were already diagnosed with high blood pressure then you should avoid consuming too much salt. In some situations, you might not be allowed to add it to your meals at all.

Does reducing sodium intake will really help?

As I said earlier, Sodium can lead to mild blood pressure increased levels. If you reduce the amount of sodium intake, you will obviously be able to decrease the blood pressure but you should not expect miracles. If it can cause a mild increase, eliminating it will cause a small blood pressure decrease. If anyone will tell you that they noticed a huge difference, I will not say that they are lying, they just eliminate the possibility that their medical treatment works properly so this was the reason why the results were so amazing. The lack of salt in their alimentation just helped their treatments to work better. Even so, as we are all different from each other, also the effects o diet changes will differ from individual to individual.

People are so afraid of high blood pressure because they see it as a terrible dysfunction, which can lead to serious diseases such as strokes, heart issues or even kidney diseases. From the previous phrase, you should remember the word dysfunction. High blood pressure is not a disease and it can be caused by many other external and internal factors as well. The Sodium consumption has a very small impact regarding this problem. This means that reducing the sodium intake is not proven to be of a real help in preventing the appearance of these diseases.

What if we eliminate Sodium from our daily diet?

Is this a good idea? After all the things mentioned earlier you might have already realized that such action will not be of a real help to improve or to prevent health problems. the problem is that such action could cause a lot of harm. It seems that low sodium diets or sodium free diets led to many health problems which can be quite serious. The bad cholesterol for example, also known as LDL could increase instead of decreasing. It can also cause insulin resistance. As you might already realized this is not good at all because diabetes might knock on your door. One of the most serious and dangerous consequences might be the appearance of Hyponatremia. In case you haven’t heard about it, this is a sodium deficiency that no one wants to suffer of.


If you really want to add a plus to your health and to lower your blood pressure level, you should know lowering your sodium intake would hardly be enough. You must change your lifestyle and your diet from many points of view, not only from this one. Eating healthy and getting enough exercise will help you much more than if you choose a sodium free diet.

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Should We Control Our Sodium Intake?
I have personally saw many commercials where is mentioned that we should not make an abuse related to our daily Sodium intake. Why did Sodium become such an enemy to our health?
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