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What about Cooking at Home?

Aura S
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The processed food will always contain noxious substances that instead of feeding you they will harm your health big time. You might wonder why people are still eating that if the affirmation made earlier is true. It gives a certain level of addiction. People are very busy and stressed and it is easier to order a pizza instead of finding time to cook a soup. They can order soup as well but they will never be completely sure about the ingredients used in the cooking process. If you did not know, many food sellers use expired products. You will never notice that but you might end up in a hospital from such meals.

What to cook?

You can start your cooking activity with the simplest dishes such as salads, eggs, soups and even stakes. Everything will taste better when it is made by you.
Beside the fact that you will be the one who will choose what you eat, you can even remove some stress from your life. Most women see this activity as a must. They have to feed their families. Due to this way of thinking they hate cooking. They can only think about the lack of time and how tired they are after they live their kitchens.
You mustn’t see cooking as a task. You should think at this activity as something that you like to do. When you will start finding pleasure in it you will notice how all the stress accumulated during the day will vanish in just a few minutes. Concentrating at something else beside bills and different working tasks will be like a new experience for you. The biggest satisfaction that I personally have when I am cooking is not to eat the food I make but to see other people eating it and enjoy it. This is the best reward ever.
You will gain the needed experience in time. It will be quite interesting to learn how to mix different spices and when to use those spices. You should not expect from you to be an exquisite chef over night. Even the most experienced chefs fail sometimes. This does not mean that they give up. Every failure will help you learn from it. How will you know what not to do if you do not do it at least once? I remember that baked a cake once three times in a row until it was eatable. It was exhausting but I did not give up. Now I can cook the same cake with my eyes closed but this does not mean that I might not fail again.


The kitchen can become a real friend for you and if you have a life partner, it will be fun to share this activity with him. The cooking time can become the moment when you actually talk to each other, because your eyes will no longer be stuck in your phone, tablet or laptop. If you have children you can also involve them and allow them to help you and even play with the food. It will be a great way to interact with them and have fun in the same time. How proud will they be when they will eat something cooked by their own hands?

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What about Cooking at Home?
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