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The Cooking Oils Secret

Aura S
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People may be amazed now, when they see the variety of products when it comes about cooking oils. You can read and hear all over the place theories about which oil is better for cooking or which oil does not have cholesterol and other things like that. You can see commercials from various brands from this industry and all of them praise their products as the best products from the market. This is when your questions may start to show up. What is the truth? If you want to know more about these things all you have to do is start reading the following article, so you can gather more knowledge about these types of products.

How everything started?

Long time ago, choosing your cooking oil was not such a big problem for anyone. You did not have too many choices anyway. No one wondered if it is toxic or not, or if it burns to fast if you fry something in it. These days things are not as they use to be.

Because people became more and more aware of what they eat and how they eat, they also discovered all kinds of oils that can be manufactured from all kinds of seeds. Many of them have multiple purposes. You can use them for internal or external purposes. They are even used as sunscreens.

How to choose cooking oils?

The main thing people considered when they promoted certain types of oils, was their properties when it comes about our health. In countries such as America where the obesity started to affect more and more people, the main thing scientists paid attention to was the quantity of saturated fats from the oils. Most people know that the saturated fats usually come from animal origin’ fats, such as butter or cheese but they can also be found in coconut oils or palm oils. These saturated fats can be blamed for the heart diseases appearance. To avoid that the specialist in nutrition recommend to replace them with oils that contains more unsaturated fats or just unsaturated fats.

All these studies were made public so people will know exactly what they ingest and which one can be the healthiest according with their health status. Having this advantage, you will not encounter any difficulty in finding out which oil should be included in your daily diet and which one should be excluded.

Most nutritionists will not recommend cooking too much with any type of oil. The best way to ingest these oils so you can benefit of all their properties, is in a raw state, this means that salads are healthier than sauces. Even so, you cannot eat just salads all day long. You need to be able to eat cooked food as well. This is the reason why, you may want to know which oil behaves better when is submitted at high temperatures.

Several types of oils and their properties

Let’s start with Coconut oil. Even if it is filled with saturated fats, it is still a better alternative than butter is. It can be found in solid form or in liquid form according with the storage temperature. Due to its proved content of saturated fats, it is not considered the healthiest alternative that you can find on the market even if it was highly promoted in the last period of time.

It is not as miraculous as people may suggest it to be. Even if after certain studies were made, and the people who consumed butter and coconut oil in equal quantities, presented a small difference in coconut oil’ favor, the nutritionists still do not recommend it to be consumed in wide quantities and they do not see it as the safest choice that you can make.

The grape-seed oil is another story. Even if it was not proved that it can bring too many benefits for your health, the wide quantity of polyunsaturated fats contained by it makes it a very good choice. Besides this feature, another very important fact is that it can be used for cooking purposes and also for salads and other things like that. It does not have a specific taste as the coconut oil does and also it does not have any type of scent. This means that the nutritionists will agree with it.

One of the most popular types of oils is, obviously, the olive oil. The extra virgin oil is a choice, as long you buy it from a reliable source, because it has the widest quantity of monounsaturated fats, which seem to be the healthiest types of fats and quite rare as well. It has a powerful scent and taste of olives. If you do not have anything against that, this will not be a problem for you. What you should consider about this oil is that it does not behave too well at high temperatures. This does not mean that you cannot use olive oil to fry or cook but you should choose the refined one and not the extra virgin type of olive oil.

The sesame oil is another good choice. It has both saturated and polyunsaturated fats. The good ones are in a wider percent. It is not used for cooking purposes and what you should know is that it has a nutty flavor and it can be quite powerful. If you like it then you should feel free to use it. The brown dark one is even more flavored. Once you have opened the bottle you must keep it in the refrigerator so you can preserve it in the best conditions possible.

The sunflower oil lost a bit its popularity but it is completely unjustified. The sunflower oil contains a wide percent of polyunsaturated fats and it also contain monounsaturated fats. It can be use for any purpose in your kitchen. It behaves well at high temperatures and its scent is neutral. After studies were made, it seems that this type of oil can be compared with canola oil, which has a great effect on humans’ health. You should not avoid it and after all it is one of the cheapest types of oils possible.


With all these things being said, you may know now a bit more about certain oils, which seem to be very popular these days. Besides the ones mentioned in the previous rows of this article, there are others as well. If you are tempted to try them you should check their properties and their content so you can be sure if you want to add them to your daily nutrition or not.

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