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Protect Yourself and Others – You Can Survive COVID-19

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Public health specialists worldwide struggle and don’t stop searching for a way to track and understand CoronaVirus, the new type of deadly virus.

Understand COVID-19

The virus appeared initially in Wuhan, China, back in December 2019. The WHO (the World Health Organization) dubbed the illness caused by the virus COVID-19.

It represents the category of virus and the year it appeared. COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the WHO.

So far, the cases of illness have reached a massive number of 185,000 confirmed cases and 7,330 deaths. Approximately 80,000 people, luckily, recovered from the diseases.

Most majority of the cases were first reported in China, but the rate of other new cases in the region has decreased. More troubled are now the regions outside of China.

The repercussions

There are massive breakdowns of the illness in many areas, such as Italy, Spain, and Iran. The confirmed cases of COVID-19 reached an amount of 4,600 people and 85 deaths from the virus in the US territory.

As this situation continues to spread and trouble more and more countries, people become more confused and scared. We need accurate information and help. Most of all, we need to understand COVID-19.

Start below to find out the exact information for protecting yourself and others against COVID-19. Remember that you can fight this and you are understood.

Many like you experience such a terrible time, and this should not be the end of your fight. After all, we didn’t reach so far, only to reach this far. Our generation is prepared for this.

Where did COVID-19 resurface?

Back in December 2019, the WHO was informed by the public health officials from China that they face an issue. An unknown, new type of virus was causing something similar to pneumonia in the city of Wuhan.

Experts declared quickly that the new kind of infection was a coronavirus, and it was alarmingly spreading thorough and outside the borders of Wuhan. Since the beginning of the 20th century, two coronaviruses have been determined—the SARS breakdown in 2002, and the MERS in 2012.

Researchers are still trying to look after a way to track down the outbreak back to its origin.

How dangerous is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a dangerous disease, and it’s more severe than the flu. A CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) forecasts that somewhere between 160 to 214 million people will be infected in the US alone.

Also, between 200,000 and 1,7 million could lose their lives. Such a prediction doesn’t take into account the actions of slowing down the breakdown.

The status of the symptoms of COVID-19

The symptoms of COVID-19 have fluctuated from mild, similar in a cold, to severe. Approximately 80 % of declared cases are mild. Unfortunately, there are still lacking lots of cases, as some countries chose not to report them.

Probably, there are many more mild cases of the disease that haven’t been declared. In almost 15 % of people, the condition is serious enough that they require immediate hospitalization.

Also, nearly 5 % of cases are reported as critical. These numbers, however, might modify as the breakdown continues.

What groups of people are affected by COVID-19?

Various groups of people are affected by COVID-19. But, there are more at risk of developing a serious case of the disease or of losing the life from it.

Most deaths in this coronavirus breakdown have occurred in older people and those who also suffered from other health issues, such as hypertension, heart disease, or diabetes.

Approximately 14 % of people over 80 who get infected will lose their lives. It’s still unknown when people with COVID-19 become contagious. Also, how long such a period could last.

There is one research, for example, which shows how nine people in Germany with mild cases of coronavirus discovered that they got high levels of the COVID-19 in their throats at the beginning of the course of the illness.

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Protect Yourself and Others – You Can Survive COVID-19
Public health specialists worldwide struggle and don’t stop searching for a way to track and understand CoronaVirus, the new type of deadly virus.
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