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Cosmetics in an Ideal Quantity

Miky C
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cosmetics ideal quantity

Hair conditioner

Required quantity: like a walnut
Needs are dictated by the type of hair, texture and length. If your hair gets fat faster, it’s best to drop the balm, and if it’s long, double the amount with the equivalent of two nuts.

Body lotion

Required quantity: as many as 1-2 teaspoons of tea
If the skin is very dry, add 2-3 drops of oil to the body lotion and its formula will be richer in essential skin-like ingredients such as vitamins A, C and E.

Serum for the skin

Required quantity: as much as a grain of coffee
The sera are fluid and easy to stretch. Their formula is concentrated and you do not need more to take advantage of the benefits they bring. If you apply too much, you can cause irritation.

Modeling wax

Required quantity: as much as a sunflower seed
It has a malleable consistency, but the formula is strong and a very small amount is enough for small touches. Apply to your finger and then stretch your hands.

Shower gel

Required quantity: as a strawberry
If you dampen the skin well before application, this amount is sufficient for the entire body. If you feel the skin too dry after the shower, reduce the amount or choose a more creamy gel.

Eye cream

Required quantity: as much as a grain of rice
Apply to the tip of your finger and massage on the waist and arch area. If you use a retinol cream, apply a smaller amount to prevent redness and irritation.

Day cream

Required quantity: two peanuts
Apply to points, cheeks, forehead and chin, then spread all over the face, including on the neck, and massage until it is completely absorbed by the skin. If it’s a sunscreen, the amount may be bigger.


Required quantity: as much as a pea
If it is used in excess, it takes a greater amount of tonic to remove excess fat, which will focus mainly on the hair line, leading to rapid fattening of the roots.

Night cream

Required quantity: as much as a honey
Night creams should not be applied as generous as daytime. It is good to apply it at least 15 minutes before bedding to allow enough time to absorb the skin.

Cream for sun protection

Required quantity: a spoon for the face and a glass for the body
Does it seem so much to you? Well, that’s the amount for effective protection. Reappear every two hours during the beach session.

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Cosmetics in an Ideal Quantity
We tend to use cosmetics in large quantities in the hope that we will bring more nutrients to our hair or skin. The daily beauty ritual is not enough, using products in the right quantities is just as important.
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