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Crystal Wash – Scam Or Legit?

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Description: Crystal Wash is an eco-friendly alternative to washing detergent advertised as being effective yet mild and safe for sensitive skin as well as free of any aggressive or harmful ingredients usually found in cleaning products.

If you pay a great deal of attention to keeping your home and closet as clean as a whistle, you’ve most probably looked for the best detergents out there. The market is quite generous when it comes to laundry products. They come in all sorts of formulas, designs, sizes, and at prices to meet many budgets. Now, if you’ve embarked upon a green lifestyle and you want the detergents you use to respect that decision, one of the most popular eco-friendly washing products on the market is Crystal Wash. What does the product do and how effective is it? Let’s find out in today’s post.

What is Crystal Wash and how does it work?

As its name suggests it, Crystal Wash is a cleaning product that comes in the form of balls created to wash clothing as effectively as other detergents but without containing harmful ingredients and without damaging the items it is used for. The company behind the product, named just the same, is based in California and has released the product a few years ago.

What makes Crystal Wash stand out according to the official website is that it can help you do the laundry without fading the colors of your clothes and without leaving traces. You can enjoy such benefits without harmful ingredients and chemicals. Thus, the product is safe to be used even by people with sensitive skin. Plus, it is free of perfume.

Crystal Wash comes in packs of two balls which should last for around 1,000 washes. This means that you can buy the product and use it for 3 years or so depending on how often you wash. Therefore, Crystal Wash also seems to be a good deal as far as money is concerned.

The website mentions that white clothes will still need a bit of detergent and deep stains need to be pretreated before washing them with Crystal Wash. Otherwise, the product is said to work just as effectively as detergents. The company’s website even offers information on 2 studies that support their claim as far as colored clothes are concerned.

The 2 balls each pack contains are made of non-toxic plastic and come with small protrusions and orifices that will make it possible for water to move through them and thus for the clothes to be cleaned. The shells contain bio-ceramic beads which are responsible for the cleaning effect. They are hard enough to remain intact and effective for almost 1,000 uses.

Instructions say that you should “recharge” them once every 30 washes by letting them out in the sun for a few hours. You can recharge them even when it’s cloudy since they actually need the UV rays to work again. We don’t get more information on why they stop working or what is the mechanism behind this recharge, though.

The substances used are natural and they include magnesium, calcium, and zinc as the company mentions. The ingredients have antibacterial and antioxidant qualities and they can change the PH of the water making it more alkaline. The stains can be removed more easily if alkaline water is used. You can enjoy such effects with detergents too but they use chemicals to achieve them.

You can use the Crystal Wash balls in both soft and hard water and with any temperature. Plus, you can use the product with delicate fabrics as the protrusions shouldn’t damage them.

Crystal Wash pricing

The Crystal Wash balls can be purchased directly from the official website of the company or from Amazon. If you get them from the official website, you get 60-day money back guarantee and your trial period starts when you place your order and not when you receive it.

If you get it directly from the company’s official website you will have to pay $49.99 for 2 Crystal laundry balls and $16.95 for standard shipping which should take around 4 days. If you need the product sooner and you are located in the US, you can go for the express mail option and get it in 2 days at the most for $39.95. If you are a foreign customer, delivery costs $29.95 no matter your location and you will get the product in up to 8 days.

What do users say about Crystal Wash?

Reviews regarding Crystal Wash are both positive and negative. Many people say the product actually works and cleans moderately dirty clothes almost as well as detergents. It’s not very effective with stubborn stains but the company doesn’t even claim it to be. By contrary, they recommend the use of some amount of detergent for such cases.

The clothes washed with Crystal Wash balls have no scent which makes them perfect for people prone to allergies. Users who still want to enjoy the detergent perfume can simply add a bit of detergent. Yet if you want to go for a natural way of cleaning your clothes, it is better to stick to the laundry balls only.

We haven’t found any complaints regarding refunds or the way the customer service works. We can only assume that the company respects the 60-day money back guarantee and can be contacted easily.

The few less positive reviews we’ve found say the laundry balls don’t wash as effectively as detergents and some users say the product doesn’t do very much since the same results can be achieved using water alone.

Bottom line

Considering the information available online, we can only say that the product seems to be effective when used with moderately dirty clothes. It doesn’t work well with deep stains, though. It can be used as a safer and eco-friendly alternative yet the water alone might get you the same results simply by moving the clothes in the washer as some users suggest. The difference is that the laundry balls will thin your wallet.

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