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DaVinci Vaporizer Reviews – Features, Prices, Customer Opinions and More

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Lately, increasingly more people quit smoking tobacco and star using electronic cigarettes. There dozens of brands and manufacturers, so it’s challenging to find the best e-cig for your needs.

Today, we’ll talk about DaVinci Vaporizer, one popular e-cigarette in the market.

Beneficial and side effects of using electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes represent a controversial topic of debate. Since its appearance on the market, the electronic cigarettes have been perceived as a healthy alternative to conventional cigarettes, providing the user with the same amount of nicotine, with the difference that inhaled vapor substances are not as toxic as those in normal cigarettes.

However, the beneficial and side effects of electronic cigarettes compared to traditional ones are not yet demonstrated. You should also note that electronic cigarettes contain a number of potentially harmful substances, such as the flavorings chemicals used.

Beneficial effects include:

  • the great advantage is that e-cigs users can vape in any space, regardless of whether it is closed or open
  • it does not light and does not generate ash
  • lack of tar and carbon monoxide, two of the most harmful substances present in the classic cigarettes
  • the existence of a wide range of flavors and nicotine concentrations
  • often, this way of smoking is more financially advantageous compared to traditional smoking, which is one of the reasons why many switched to vaping

Side effects include:

  • from the beginning, the smoker may experience coughing and certain irritations of the esophagus
  • although many choose this way of smoking, in the hope that they can give up smoking traditional cigarettes, the nicotine included in e-cigs creates the same addiction as the classic cigarettes
  • some studies suggest that the dose of nicotine in e-cigs is much higher than that of conventional cigarettes, ranging from 26 to 43 milligrams per inhalation, while the dose of the classic ones varies between 1 and 10 milligrams

The fact that it can be used in any space makes the nicotine addiction greater, as the user of electronic cigarettes is able to vape whenever and wherever he wants. This practically leads to the excessive use of these types of cigarettes.

Now that we know the beneficial and side effects of using electronic cigarettes, let’s move on to our DaVinci Vaporizer reviews.

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