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DealRay – What You Need To Know

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If you’re very much into traveling, you’re most probably interested in getting the best deals on vacation packages, car rentals, hotel stays, and flight tickets. Well, searching for such offers might be time consuming and even tiresome. Here’s where applications such as DealRay come into sight. Designed to help you lower your holiday costs, DealRay sends you a text alert about the latest deals on flight tickets.

You just need to sign up in order to receive text alerts with the best prices on airline tickets. Now, imagine how helpful that is especially when you’re on a budget and need some time off. And even if you’re on a limited budget, why pay more when you get to enjoy the same benefits at a lower price?

DealRay is not the only application that promises to feed your vacation needs without emptying your wallet. Other applications have been designed with the same idea in mind. What makes this one app different, though, and why should you choose this one instead of others? Let’s find out more.

DealRay – What does it promise and how does it work?

The engineers behind this app say that DealRay will alert you via text messages on your phone about the best travel deals out there. You will mainly receive the best offers on flight tickets but occasionally you will also receive the best discounts on vacation packages and hotel stays if they are good enough and could save you big bucks. One good thing about this app is that it promises to send you alerts every day or two with the best deals you can find. The thing is to pay attention to these texts as, more often than not, they will let you know about deals that expire in a matter of hours. Therefore, fast action is required if savings are wanted.

What makes DealRay stand apart is that it uses both algorithms and manual research in order to get you the best true deals on flights and other aspects of travel. Unlike other travel platforms, though, DealRay does not offer the deals. It just finds them and shares them with members. Plus, you will receive alerts regarding a specific departure region based on your preferences.

DealRay Pricing

Like many other apps, DealRay will offer you the possibility to enjoy your first month for free. Starting with the second month, you will need to pay $9.99 a month if you want to enjoy its services. The site says that you can save an average of $428 per deal. Some examples of the sort of deals DealRay lets you know about include: $99 One-way flight from Boston to Reykjavik and $144 for Philadelphia to Copenhagen from May through January.

Plus, if you invite friends to use the app and they accept your invite, their first free month will get you a free month of use, too. You will need a credit card in order to be able to sign up. You can cancel your membership at any time, though.

The philosophy behind this fee is that in this way, they won’t be forced to promote less good deals and by combining certain algorithms and manual research, they can provide you only with deals that are for real and that can help you enjoy big savings. Given all that, you will receive an alert every day or two but the texts will only include real deals. And most of us, if not all of us, would like to receive few but good deal messages.

What do users say about DealRay?

According to some of the people who signed up for DealRay, the app provided them with the following:

  • 10 deals over the course of three months;
  • All the deals were exclusive and accompanied by detailed instructions regarding the completion of bookings;
  • The four deals that included major discounts and mistakes were the results of airline company errors.

The reviews we’ve encountered even called DealRay “The best new way to book your flights” (Travel and Leisure). Now, there are some caveats. Since you often receive alerts regarding deals that expire within a few hours, you need to act fast in order to enjoy them. Then, departure options could be limited and airlines have the right to cancel reservations that are made for mistake fares. Plus, one downside is that the app is currently sending alerts regarding flights originating in the USA. This means that if you’re outside the border, the app won’t help you much.

There are members who say that you can only use the services via a US mobile number, which seems right since all the deals they send regard flights originating in the USA. Some customers had thus difficulties in canceling their accounts while being outside the USA and using a non-US mobile number. Other members had a hard time getting refunds or canceling their membership even while in the USA.

Some members concluded that the deals the app sends you text alerts about can be found elsewhere and they come in a too small number taking into account the monthly fee. Some people even complained about receiving deals that were not applicable to their home airport and thus tried to cancel their subscription. Despite their efforts, their bank account got charged with a subscription fee even if they haven’t accessed the website in over two months.

The app got a mostly positive review from Trip Sherpa at Upgrd, though. As with many other apps, the reviews regarding DealRay include both upsides and downsides.

Final thoughts on DealRay

If you are open and keen on taking trips anywhere in the world, you don’t have a specific region or date in mind and you’re looking for the right price for that, then DealRay is an app that can help you feed your travel needs and save as well. Then, there are other applications that will offer you similar services for fewer bucks or even for free.

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