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DentaBright Pro – Teeth Whitening Review

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A great smile can go a long way. White and aligned teeth can cause a great first impression and immediately have a positive impact on someone’s confidence. Having a white smile is something most people wish to have, however the process of teeth whitening is not suited for everybody.

Yellow or stained teeth can come with age, eating habits or poor hygiene. You can stain your teeth by drinking coffee, tea, soda and other beverages, or you can experience discoloration and stains because of smoking and other harmful habits.

Teeth whitening can be a rather expensive procedure and not everyone is up for spending a lot of money on whitening your teeth only for it to become stained again with time – unless you dramatic change your habits and beverage choices.

DentaBright Pro is an at-home teeth whitener kit that is easy to use and provides great results within the first use. It is much more affordable and simpler than going through a long and costly process at the dentist. But does it actually work? Let’s understand how the product works, it’s benefits and possible side-effects before you make your purchase.

What is DentaBright Pro?

DentaBright Pro promises to fix discoloration and remove stains with visible results after a single use. It is quite a revolutionary claim that DentaBright Pro proposes, their official advertisement promises teeth up to six shades whiter in just five days.

DentaBright Pro is also FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved and has been clinically tested with successful results. They claim that this is a more convenient, effective and safer way to whiten your teeth in just minutes.

How does DentaBright Pro work?

With age, it is only natural that our teeth lose their whiteness and stains begin to appear. According to DentaBright Pro, their powerful active ingredients are proven to remove stains through penetrating the enamel that covers our teeth.

To better understand the process, enamel is the outer layer of our teeth which is responsible for protecting against tooth decay. So, the active ingredients in DentaBright Pro are able to break apart these stains, which you would never be able to just by brushing and flossing yout teeth.

As mentioned previously, DentaBright Pro is clinically tested and the American Dental Hygienists Association (ADHA) states that:

“Bleaching is effective in lightening most stains caused by age, tobacco, coffee and tea. Based on clinical studies, 96 percent of patients with these kinds of stains experience some lightening effect. Other types of stains, such as those produced by tetracycline use or fluorosis (too much fluoride), respond to bleaching less reliably”.

Thus, DentaBright Pro is a teeth whitening kit that is easy to use, where treatment sessions range from 10 to 20 minutes and you will be able to see results in just a single use. It promises to whiten teeth gently and effectively in a very short amount of time.

What is the cause of teeth discoloration and how to prevent it?

Stained teeth or discoloration can happen because of a number of different factors, those could be:

  • Smoking, or use of tabacco.
  • Drinking coffee, tea and other beverages.
  • Excessive use of substances or medication.
  • Poor eating habits.
  • Poor hygiene, tooth decay or not paying enough attention to mouth hygiene in general.
  • Aging process.

However, not all is lost. There are several different ways to combat teeth discoloration or staining. Some treatments are less expensive and invasive, such as whitening toothpaste, strips or gels. While other methods of treatment can be a little harder on your wallet, such as laser lights or any teeth whitening treatment given by dentists.

In order to prevent having to chose one alternative for a whitening treatment, you can reduce your chances of experiencing teeth discoloration by changing daily habits and maintaining a healthy diet. On top of that, mouth hygiene is absolutely necessary, brushing your teeth at least three times per day, flossing at least once a day and not forgetting to pay a visit to your dentist a least once a year.

If you haven’t managed to keep your teeth with the appearance you wish they had, you can try any of the treatments listed above and if you would like to start with an inexpensive choice, DentaBright Pro might just be what you are looking for.

What comes in the DentaBright Pro Kit?

DentaBright Pro is a very cost-effective product that promises fast results, it is a lightweight and portable kid that can be used at home or taken anywhere.

The DentaBright Pro kit includes:

  1. High-strength whitening gels: The kit contains four syringes (3ML each) of Professional Strength Peroxide Bleaching Gel and one syringe (3ML) of Professional Remin Gel. Both gels are efficient in stain removal because they have bleaching agents but they also work in preventing teeth from getting stained again.
  2. Mouth trays: The kit includes three customizable mouth trays that are comfortable to use.
  3. LED light accelerator: this LED Light Rapid Teeth Whitening System penetrates the whitening gels without harming your teeth’s enamel and effectively removing stains and discoloration.
  4. Teeth Whitening Pen: the kit comes with a pen which has a soft brush on it’s side and works to provide an additional whitening finish to your teeth.
  5. Shade Guide: This is a chart containing shades so you can track your progress with each use.
  6. Instructions: Last but not least, the kit comes with easy to read instructions to ensure that anyone can benefit from the use of DentaBright Pro.
  7. The kit does not include batteries. Each Dental Bright polisher will require 2 AA batteries.

What are the benefits of using DentaBright Pro?

So far we’ve seen what the product can do and how it works, now let’s see the benefits you can get with the use of DentaBright Pro Teeth Whitening.

  • No teeth sensitivity: It is usually quite normal to experience sensitivity with any whitening treatment, however, DentaBright Pro states that because of the use of their Remineralization Gel the user will experience reduced sensitivity.
  • Fast results: Because they use light-activated technology, DentaBright Pro guarantees visible results within the first use. Keep in mind that each treatment should take only about 10 to 20 minutes, so in this very short amount of time you should already be able to see results in the shade of your teeth.
  • Removes stains: DentaBright Pro proudly states that their product is able to remove years of stains in a gentle and effective way and in the comfort of your own home.
  • Easy instructions: DentaBright Pro ensures a step-by-step instruction guide to make sure the product can be used by anyone.
  • Customizable mouth trays: DentaBright Pro provides an extra mouth tray to make sure everyone can get a perfect and comfortable fit.
  • Cost-effective: DentaBright Pro is retailed at $25 and this price includes 2 treatment sessions. It is very affordable and much more cost-effective than most teeth whitening treatments available today.
  • At-home treatment: on top of everything else, you can go through the ultra fast process of whitening your teeth without leaving your home with the portable kit that DentaBright Pro offers.

Are they any drawbacks or side-effects?

So far so good. Now let’s see if the product offers any side-effects or has any drawbacks.

  • DentaBright Pro is available for online purchase only.
  • It is advisable to consult a dentist before starting treatment.
  • Like many teeth whitening treatments, you might experience sensitivity. If you experience pain, suspend use immediately.

How to use DentaBright Pro Kit?

Before applying, make sure you have read and understood the instructions that come with the DentaBright Pro kit to ensure that you are applying the products in the correct way and avoid side-effects or potential damage to your teeth or gums.

DentaBright Pro has a 3-step guide to using their kit:

  1. You should attach the rubber polishing cup to the tip of the dental bright polisher.
  2. Then you have to activate the cordless polisher, which is battery operated.
  3. Finally, you use the Gliding Dental Bright on all your teeth to polish and remove discoloration and stains.

DentaBright Pro states that in order to achieve the best results and maintain your smile white and bright, weekly use of DentalBright Pro is recommended.

Important to Remember:

  • Results may vary depending on how severely stained your teeth are.
  • Teeth whitening treatments can potentially damage your teeth when not used correctly.
  • It is not advised for people with sensitive teeth.
  • The company states that they are not liable for damage caused to teeth or gums through misuse of their product, so make sure you understand the instructions clearly or consult your dentist first.
  • Must be at least 18 years old to purchase the DentaBright Pro kit.

How much does DentaBright Pro costs and how does the refund policy works?

DentaBright Pro is retailed for $10 plus $7.50 for shipping and they automatically add another $7,50 fee for a second treatment and add in a free Dental Bright whitener tube. All of this together brings you to a total of $25 for two treatment sessions.

They do offer a 30-day refund policy, although the $7.50 shipping fee will not be included in the refund.

Buy DentaBright Pro Today!

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DentaBright Pro Customer Reviews:

Great product… it really works! My husband had terrible staining from coffee and I truly thought that only ly professional whitening would help, but thought we would give this a try first and wow…love it! Also, he said that he didn’t have any teeth sensitivity. Highly recommend!” Lisa.

After the first use I was amazed at the difference. Next day took another round of it, it was even better than the first. My gums were becoming sensitive. The third day I did it again, still great results but now my gums were burning with pain. I use it now on a weekly basis and I could not be more happy. Best $20 I have ever spent.” Larry.

“Amazing! No need to spend a lot of money on getting my teeth whitened at the dentist with all that pain, when I can use this in my own home and it’s painless. I will buy again for sure! I love the easy to read instructions and also really love how comfortable the mouth trays are (that’s a huge plus). My favorite part is the chart, so I can compare how many shades whiter my teeth got after each treatment! Going to buy one for my husband now!” Holly.

Final Veredict:

DentaBright Pro does seem to work in showing fast results in whitening the shade of your teeth. There are many products similar to this one available today. What they offer is a simple and affordable way to improve someone’s smile.

It is incredibly cost-effective when compared to a teeth whitening treatment conducted by a dentist, however it has its pros and cons.

When you decide to initiate a teeth whitening treatment with a dentist you trust, you will most likely have a safe outcome since you have sought the opinion of a professional who knows what products to use in order to ensure the results you wish. It is true that it is much more expensive, but it is still an effective and safe way to brighten your teeth.

Using DentaBright Pro will not cost you a lot of money of time, you will probably experience fast results and it can completely replace the need for a teeth whitening treatment with a dentist.

However, be cautious of sensitivity or pain when you apply the product. If you already experience teeth sensitivity it is not advisable to use the product. If you have never experienced teeth sensitivity but feel pain when you apply the product, suspend use immediately.

Because with an at-home treatment you will not have a professional’s advice, make sure you read the instructions and suspend use in case of pain or irritation in order to avoid damage to your teeth and gums.

All in all, DentaBright Pro does seem to offer quick and effective results, but with anything that we can try ourselves (meaning, without the help of a professional) we must always be careful in order to not cause more harm than good.

Where to buy DentaBright Pro?

You can order your DentaBright Pro online, through their official website.

It is important to be mindful of where you order this type of product from to ensure that it has not been violated and changed.

Buy DentaBright Pro

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