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Diabetes- How to Live With It

Aura S
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To be ill, it is not the best thing that can happen to a person. Considering our days, and how people must do their daily tasks without any time for a real break, to end up suffering from a chronic disease, it is very likely at any age. In this article, we will discuss about a chronic disease that affects young people, adults or old people as well. This disease name is diabetes.

What is Diabetes

You surely heard of it. It is not an easy illness, considering that once you have it you will have to learn how to deal with it your entire life. It can be included among the silent diseases but not for long. Eventually it will make its presence felt. Diabetes is not as silent as other chronic or deadly illnesses. Can it be fatal? If it is not treated, yes. It can bring other illnesses along with it? Yes, it can. Do these answers scare you? It should, but once you get to know more about its symptoms and its treatment, and how can you live with it just as a normal person, you may relax a bit.

As it was already mentioned earlier, it does not matter your age. What can cause this illness appearance?  It can be genetic, it can show up at persons who may have noxious habits such as smoking or drinking, if you suffer of high blood pressure, if your cholesterol is at very high levels, if your are overweight  and also if you suffer of certain autoimmune diseases or viruses you can get diabetes as well.

What is diabetes more exactly. It is a disease caused by the malfunction of the pancreas. This is a vital organ that produces insulin, which is a very important for our organism because it t helps the organism to stock and use properly the sugars and the fats that we ingest everyday. A poor function of the pancreas can reduce its possibilities to release insulin and like that the sugar level from our blood increases. Untreated, the diabetes can cause, blindness, heart failures, kidney problems, coma and even death.

There are two kinds of diabetes. The diabetes type I it is also called Insulin dependent diabetes. The symptoms for this type of diabetes are frequent urination, excessive thirst, excessive hunger, dry mouth, unexplainable weight loss, weakness and fatigue, and numbness and tingling at the limbs. You may say that all these symptoms can be confused with other disorders but if you have them, you will certainly think that it is something wrong with you. This is the reason why you will go to your physician and he will know what type of blood analysis to recommend for you.  The diabetes type II has almost the same symptoms but you can add others as well such as difficult healing of wounds, skin itches and blurry vision.

As fast you discover that you suffer from this illness, as fast you can regain control of your life. There is very big percent of people who suffer of this illness all over the world. You can have a perfectly normal and long life if you respect the doctors’ rules. It is not required just medication. A healthier nutrition it is also required so you can keep this illness under your control. You must avoid fatty foods or too many sweets in your diet. Also excessive use of salt can be an issue when you talk about diabetes.

If you are also overweight you should lose some weight for your own good. It says that diabetes slowly attacks all the other organs. It is true, if you don’t do anything about it. There is an almost 30% of the persons who have this illness who can eliminate medication from their lives just by keeping a proper diet. As you can see the evolution of this disease is reversible. You should not get too scared of it. Instead, you can scare it off by taking control of it. Once you are diagnosed with this disease you will have it forever but this is not a death conviction.

On the other side there are some myths about this disease that are not entirely true. One of them says that diabetics are not allowed to eat sweets at all. This is not true. Especially if you have diabetes type II, you are allowed to eat sweet in small quantities and after meals that contains small quantities of carbohydrates or none at all. Other people may say that too many sweets in your diet can cause this illness. Another untrue declaration. The blood sugar is not the usual sugar we ingest. It is true however, that these sweets can cause weight gain which it can be a factor that can influence diabetes appearance. What you should know that not only our life style can influence diabetes to invade our bodies.

The genetic factor joined by a poor nutrition is main cause. You may also have heard that diabetics must have a very strict diet. It is far from being strict. The patient can eat almost everything a normal person can. If you have such a situation in your family it will be easy for you to adopt such a diet even for yourself. It will be healthier anyway.

What is Insulin

When it comes about insulin it is another wrong conception among people. They see insulin as a medicine. Insulin is a hormone, which is naturally produced by our own bodies. The insulin found in pharmacies is a supplement needed by the diabetics because their bodies are no longer capable to produce it. So, to survive they need a little bit of help. Another theory that is completely untrue is that diabetics have to struggle in this life. It is not like that. They may need a little of more attention and they may have to make more blood tests than other people but considering that they are aware of this affection they are living sometimes better lives and healthier lives than the rest of us.


With all these things being said, you may also need to know that sport activities are a must but only at your doctor recommendation and in some situation you may also need medical supervision. Sport activities can only do you good, no matter if you are a diabetic or not.

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