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The Difficult Task of Attracting the Right Man

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The Difficult Task of Attracting the Right Man

Attracting the right person seems to be one of the most difficult tasks lately. Most women no matter their age want the perfect man beside them and even if he might not be perfect, they want to be a worthy man.

Some women might have their own reasons to be more anxious to find the right life partner. Usually women are built differently than man. They see things in a completely different manner even if they are teenagers.

Most young women if not all of them, when they start a relationship they dream that it will last forever, even if they did not even experienced their first kiss. I heard women saying that they do not even want to hear the word marriage.

I am sure that they do but they are afraid due to their previous experiences. In the following rows of this article, you will read about a few things that you should and shouldn’t do so you can attract a good guy.

Don’t fool anyone

When you have serious intention with a guy, do not play games with him. If you decide that he is worthy of your attention then you should show him that you are interested as well and not otherwise.

Even if a man could be smart, most men do not understand what is in a woman’ head and he could also misinterpret your signals. If you try to play the “not interested girl” game, you have many chances to end up alone. A good guy is not a conqueror. He will not see you as a trophy that must be gained no matter the costs. These types of games you can play with adventurers. If you want something serious with a normal man then you should allow him to understand that you are just as interested as he is.

Do not seek for more options

Many young women believe that if they have a wider variety of choices they have more chances of picking the right man. This is just another game. The only thing you do when you have these ideas and this behavior is to prove that you are not serious at all. Men might not understand women but they are not stupid at all.

If you really want to give a real chance to a relationship, you should forget about other choices. You should start building a relationship with the man you consider proper and who considers you to be perfect for him. Even if in the end it might not work as you hoped it will, you at least tried your best.

Be aware of your posts on social networks

These days, I noticed a trend among young girls and women. Most of them post very significant pictures of themselves where they show much more than they should. If you usually do this you should stop if you are interested in a serious relationship.

No men will accept to see his lover admired by other men or “friends” while she is not wearing anything else but her underwear. These types of photos will not honor you at all, no matter if you are in a relationship or not.

Be aware of your social behavior

If you want a steady relationship, you should forget about late parties filled with alcohol. You should be a lady in the eyes of the society. The crazy nights should be preserved only for your private moments with your partner. Even so, no men will like to see his girlfriend drunk. No woman looks good in this posture.

Beside the alcohol issue, you should also take care of your outfits. You should look sexy and no one is saying that you should dress like a nun. You must attract your partner but you can do this with your clothes on.

If you turn him on with an office outfit that shows enough to intrigue a man, he will want to take those clothes off in private with the first occasion. You should not be vulgar.

The line between vulgarity and sexy is very thin. However, you are a lady, and you know how to make the difference for sure. If you listen to this advice you show respect for yourself. This is the only way others will respect you as well.

Be open and vulnerable

It is not ok to fill your new boyfriend’ head with your previous relationships but this does not mean that you should not talk about them at all. If you have been hurt in the past, you should not be afraid to say it. You could open this discussion and underline the fact that you want something serious and that you do not want to be hurt again in the same manner or even worse.

A guy who wants the same thing will not run away. He will be happy to see that you trust him enough to share with him those ugly experiences. You will also help him stay away from making a mistake. If he does not stay, he was not worthy of your attention anyway.

Be careful about your ego

Men might not be as passionate about frequent phone calls and text messages. They also might need some time for themselves. Women do too. You should not forget about your friends as he should not forget about them either. It is pleasant to introduce him to your gang and vice versa but even so he needs sometime without you.

If he chooses to go out with his friends this does not mean that, you ought to do the same even if you do not feel like it. In addition, you should not call him every five minutes to check him out. This could be annoying even for you.

The other side of the coin is that if he does not call at all you do not call either. If he forgets about you a few hours, you will forget about him a few days. This is a big mistake.

You crave for a call but you allow your ego to win this game. Men do not do this on purpose. You should show them that you care. You should not overdo it as I said in the previous description but you should not show a fake indifference. Men will believe that you are not faking this indifference and they will just go away.

Do not refuse an invitation

All of us have busy days. Usually if a man asks, you out he makes time for you. You should respect that. If you have plans you should not cancel when he is already dressed up to take you out. This shows only lack of respect from you. He will not appreciate this for sure and the next invitation might never show up.

Do not live in the past

Women have the tendency to live in the past. Once they had one or several bad relationships they lose their faith in men. They start to believe that everyman is similar with the other men that have been in their lives. This is not a healthy way of thinking. Because of that you might judge and punish the new partner for all the things that the previous partner did wrong.

As every women is different every men is different as well. it is not a rule that they behave the same in a relationship. Even if I heard women saying that all men read the same book when it comes about relationships they did not. No relationship is similar with the others. You will never love two men in the same way.

Therefore, you should take these dark thoughts from your head and start living your present and dream about the future. The past is just to help you learn something in this life.

Be you

Another mistake women have the tendency of doing is to pretend to be something else than they really are. You want to look happier, sexier, and more sociable than you really are. This is a big mistake because you cannot play a role your entire life. The real you will show up eventually and the man beside you will understand he was cheated.

You do not want him to love an image created by you. You want him to love you. This means that you must be yourself. Even if they might like surprises this is the type of surprise no one likes.

Be a shoulder to cry on

You need a shoulder to cry on. Your men must be the one with whom you can share everything. There should not be any secrets between you two. He is the one who will know every happy moment of your life, every failure and every mistake that you have done.

He will also be the only person in this world who will not judge and who will offer his shoulder for you to cry on. You should not forget to be the same for him. Men have their vulnerable moments just as you have. They do not show it because they are taught since they are young that a man should never show these feelings.

Even if they are taught this way, they feel the need to show these weaknesses. You are the only one who could offer you partner this freedom of being themselves. Be compassionate when they need to. You should pay attention when they are sad and show that you care.

Memories are great

As I said earlier, you should not bring up your past relationships all the time. It is a sign that you are not over them. Instead of doing that, you should start creating your past with your actual partner. You should do things together. You should go in different places and enjoy every minute you can spend together indoors or outdoors.

This way you will be able to create new memories with your new partner and it will be nice to talk about those memories instead of the old ones spent with other men.

Do not depend

Even if a man should be the head of the family, this does not mean that he will appreciate that you depend completely on him. You must have your own life as well. You should have a career, you should have friends and you should have hobbies that you practice outside the relationship. He will admire your independence and usually powerful women attract men, as long they do not minimize their power.

Show that you are powerful

You should not look so vulnerable. Men must know that you cannot be cheated and lied. You should not spread fear around you but you should not make them believe that they could play with you as they might please. If you show confidence, you will feel confident and this will give power. Until you are not sure that a certain man is worthy of your attention you should not let your guard now.

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The Difficult Task of Attracting the Right Man
Attracting the right person seems to be one of the most difficult tasks lately. Most women no matter their age want the perfect man beside them and even if he might not be perfect, they want to be a worthy man.
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