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Do yourself a healthy holiday

Adina B
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If everybody had jumped so fast in regards to their health, like they jump when it comes to go on a holiday, it would be less sickness all around the world! Most people think more about having fun, then they normally do to their health! Some people understand very good the idea of a healthy life, but they do nothing about it; other do not get the health concept very well, simply because they think that if they do not suffer some disease they are alright! Well, this is just an opinion that needs to be changed and in order to change it you must understand very well the concept of a healthy lifestyle.

How to have a healthy holiday?

In fact, what exactly does health mean? A proper diet? Sports and trainings? 8 hours per night sleep? Detoxification? Relaxation? Yes, health means all these. It means taking care of yourself. But how exactly do you do that? You take care of yourself inside and outside your body. On the inside you take care of your organs and of their good functionality, you detoxify them, you treat what harms your body by removing the cause and on the outside you make sure you hydrate your skin, you eliminate dead cells and you re-energize your entire body- in and out!

Now, imagine how great would be if all these can be achieved during a holiday! You go on a trip in some nice place you always wanted to visit, you relax, you take care of your body and of your health, you detoxify your organs, you can go to the spas held by the resort you are going to, you rest your mind and your body completely, but in the same time you can have fun!

This is what healthy holidays represent! When you go on a trip, most of the times you come back even more tired than you went on that trip! The idea of being in a holiday is to get disconnected from all the stress which causes you disorders inside your body!

Yes, stress is number one cause for most diseases. No matter if is emotional stress- caused by your personal problems, or stress in general- because of your job or any other professional factors. Luxurious resorts, the all-inclusive programs and spas, were invented strictly to help people to relax, to gain back their health and to improve their mood! In a healthy holiday you can do a lot. Imagine that you get the all-inclusive program!

Holiday places

A great destination- Turkey for example or Thailand- where your body finally meets the true color of relaxation and of health. You can start by having a complete detoxification program in order to eliminate toxins and harmful factors which put your health in danger or they make you gain weight or you cannot shape your body the way you want to shape it.

A healthy holiday, actually means to lose some weight by starting a complete brand new diet, to transform fat into muscle mass, to eliminate toxins, to train your body daily with sports or massages or meditation. Even cosmetic procedures like lymphatic drainage can help you lose weight and it can help your body to get reshaped! Diet it’s extremely important.

What you eat can help your health’s condition to improve or it can completely damage it! This is why you should start your day with a rich breakfast (understand first that you need 3 meals per day and 2 snacks), you must continue with a snack, then have a lunch, again a snack and you must end your day with a light dinner. Forget the idea that after certain hours you must not eat.

Your digestive system works during night time too. How many times have you woke up with a drastic sensation of hungriness? It happens every morning, right? Well, forget about it. Opt for a light dinner or if you do not want to eat have a snack- an apple or a cereal bar- something which will not make you starve.

Starvation is not an option when you decide it’s time to have a diet. It will make things go worse! You rather have colorful salads, a bowl of cereals in the morning, orange juice, dairies, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, salmon, white meat only, rice etc. All these grilled or steamed and your weight will get in the right shape! During a healthy holiday you will be able to have this type of diet. And you will learn how to eat healthy.

Detoxification goes hand in hand with diet and during your holiday in a resort you will have plenty of it: natural juices of all kind, blended and mixed fresh fruits and fresh vegetables with dairies etc. All these will help you to lose those noxious factors that harm your health and it will make you eliminate toxins.

Each hour you will be given a smoothie or a natural juice which will make miracles for your body! Then you can continue with some cosmetic sessions and massages, sports and trainings. All these will make your day full and at the end of the day you will have the chance to rest. 8 hours sleep will be amazing for your body! And they will also be recommendable, simply because your body needs to rest and to get disconnected from all the stress you brought from home into your vacation.

Actually, the real purpose of vacations- no matter if you want to have fun or you go on a holiday to rest- is to help you lose stress. When you opt for a healthy holiday, you opt for improving your health! And when you are aware of the importance of improving your health, half of the road has been done.

Eat healthy

It is extremely necessary to put your health first and to be aware of staying healthy on the long term. And for that you need protection. And this protection can be taken out of what you eat, what you drink, if you practice sports or not and so on. For those who smoke a lot or who cannot avoid alcohol healthy holidays are the most recommendable. Here toxins left by smoking or alcohol are eliminated with natural juices and with smoothies, with teas which clean up your colon and your entire digestive system.

Your colon is responsible for the good functionality of your digestive system and not only that- your colon held your self-defense immune system, which will keep diseases away from you! Due to the good care received during a healthy holiday when you come back to take care of your dailies you are a brand new person. And all this gets to be seen in everything you do.

Because in this kind of trip you learn how to live healthy and you start a healthy lifestyle. And going back to your old habits it will no longer be an option, simply because you have already experienced what is good for your body and what makes you feel amazing. Rarely, healthy holidays are those holidays which offer adventure; and this happen simply because the main purpose is to get your health in the right parameters! Meaning to make your entire system work the right way!

A beautiful view in an amazing place, massages received at an amazing spa place, jacuzzi, body caring, organism caring, meditation, all these will bring true relaxation in your life and you will cherish it and ask for more, simply because you will enjoy the new lifestyle that you just embraced. A great idea is to continue home what you are thought in a healthy holiday.

You can go on home with your diet, you can have massages twice a week at home too, you can go at the gym daily at the home too, you can prepare your relaxation program home too, if you are really interested in your health, and in maintaining that impressive healthy lifestyle you were thought to have during your holiday! I know a stressful job or a stressful boss does not count weekends and they make you work all the time and they put you on such a routine that you will get to hate your life eventually! But one must live too, not only work and not only satisfy other’s needs! So, home you can relax too.

You can prepare a nice bath where all your sense can be spoiled, with salts and essential oils which have the power to make you eliminate toxins though your skin and which also eliminate dead cells, which will hydrate your skin and make it more smooth and which will help you to lose stress.

So, the main idea is that: what you learnt during your healthy holiday, you can start having at home in order to continue the healthy lifestyle you embraced now! And after this kind of cure your old habits will die forever! Smoking and alcohol will no longer be part of your life simply because you will love your brand new person, which has a clean immunity and a clean body!

And this cleaning will be seen in the way you look like and act like, in that improved mood that you will have, in that great feeling and amazing confidence that you will receive once you will be in a balance with the way you look like and with the way you feel about yourself! Knowing your body and confidence is extremely important and only with meditation and care you will achieve that.

Also, positive thinking will help your health’s condition a lot (your abilities will change and you will be different from others; positive energy is something which we all need and only during a healthy holiday can be achieved and you can learn how to have it in your life and once you have it you will no longer want to lose it.

They say that with a smile you can change your days, well with your positive energy that you will spread around you, you will change your days for sure and other’s too) and all these will be seen in your actions and in your quotes. To see the full size of the glass is better than to be frustrated for what you do not have. And you can practice gratitude as well; like this, other great things will come in your life.

But when you know for sure that your health is in the right shape, you start acting healthy and you start looking good. You will not regret the choice you have made in regards to your holiday! Choose to be different, but most of all choose to be healthy- which is a luxury that not really everybody can have, that is for sure! Most people go for the easy way; well, you should not!

Invest and make some efforts for your well-being and by the time you get old (if you get old, because a positive attitude and taking care of yourself will postpone this moment a lot) you will thank yourself for that, for the decision you have made to put your health first! Teach other to do what you do too. They will thank you later for the amazing vibe and health’s condition that they will have!

And in end you will see that a healthy lifestyle learned during a healthy holiday is a funny one. Because you have the right to choose what is best for you (and actually, you will get what is best for you), what is tasty, what has a nice flavor and most of all what is healthy!

You will be a model for others too and all this will happen due to a little trip you made at some point in your life where you were thought good and what is good for your body! Holidays can change our lives, but how about changing our entire lifestyle into a new one, into a healthy one, into the right one?!

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Do yourself a healthy holiday
If everybody had jumped so fast in regards to their health, like they jump when it comes to go on a holiday, it would be less sickness all around the world! Most people think more about having fun, then they normally do to their health!
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